Blaugust – Creative Appreciation Week – Podcasts

This is one of my regular posts that I do every year. I actually thought I always did it during appreciation week, but apparently I did it during introduction week last year. It makes sense, as I consider my podcast listening habits to be somewhat reflective of who I am.

Ever Present

As always, The Skeptics Guide to the Universe (SGU) and Massively OP podcasts are still on the list. They’ve been there so long it’s hard to imagine a world without them at this point. After all, I’ve been listening to MOP longer than I’ve been blogging, because that’s how I learned about Blaugust.

I have no idea how long I’ve listened to SGU at this point either. Longer than literally anything else. It’s actually a throwback to how I started listening to podcasts to begin with. I went through a phase where I was questioning a lot of things and I wanted to understand how we know what we know and what it’s based on. I actually went through several science podcasts before I ended up with SGU. The sort of scientific skepticism has become an important part of how I view things. It’s also a nice way to loosely follow what sort of interesting things are going on in the science world.

MOP is my way of keeping tabs on what’s going on within the MMO industry and to a lesser extent some of the gaming industry at large. It helps me keep tabs on what each game has going on and how things I heard about are progressing.


No removals this year.


Last year I reported that I had added Paint Bravely and Behind the Bastards. Both of these are still in rotation.

Paint Bravely is a miniatures painting podcast. It’s in weird territory because I haven’t actually had time to paint anything. I enjoy listening to the somewhat goofy banter between the hosts though, and much like MOP it helps keep me tune in to what’s going on and what some of the trends are without being actively involved. I find it particularly interesting in this context, as the subject matter is a very creative process in its own right.

Behind the Bastards is supposed to be a podcast about “the very worst people in all of history.” The information doesn’t always seem to be super accurate, depending on the topic, but it’s interesting to listen to. It offers a lot of context for people and events that I otherwise wouldn’t know much about.


I have added a new podcast this year. Quite recently, in fact.

Beauty Translated is a podcast focused largely on the lives and journeys of trans people in the southeast US. As I live in a relatively rural part of the southeast, it’s nice to hear the experiences of others. The trans community, even in a respectably sized city, tends to be quite small. Especially early on before you’ve formed any real community connections this is very isolating. Women like Carmen are helping fix that.

Think that about covers it. Five podcasts in rotation. I have plenty of room for more, but I’ve just been filling the extra time with back episodes of Behind the Bastards. I’m always open to suggestions if anyone has them.

Y’all take care. Make sure you show your favorite creators some love this week.

Hey, it’s Blaugust time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

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