Pokemon Sword and Shield – Almost There

So my news feed has slowly been filling up with random “leaks” and stuff about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and I figured I should take the time to at least finish Sword and Shield. Considering S/S was still relatively new when I bought it, It’s taken me close to three years to bother to make the effort. I’ve gotten about halfway once or twice, but always go sidetracked doing other things and didn’t bother.

I also don’t know if it’s because I have a really solid team this time around or not. I feel like I stomped most of the gyms, only having to try a second time on the last one. First time clear on the other champions and in the gym leader tournament. The team I used for most of this was, in no particular order, Ludicolo, Gyarados, Klinklang, Boldore, Grimmsnarl, and Rillaboom. I’ve used Ludi, Gyarados, and Klink before in other titles, but Grimmsnarl was a surprise.

I picked it up as a random Impidimp and thought its typing was weird, so I looked it up. I knew I would need a fairy type to counter the dragons you inevitably run into in the late game, and wow he slaps. Not a great solution, maybe, as he has a lot of weaknesses that are also common in the late game, but with a little strategy and knowing who to switch in when, I could easily 1 or 2 it KO a lot of the late game opponents.

Up until I picked up the Impidimp I had an Orbettle instead. Noticeably absent from my lineup are a poison or fire type, which I usually run. Especially the poison type. Very common in my teams. Except this time. I just kinda powered through and never made the effort. The rock and steel moves from Boldore and Klinklang could deal with a wide variety of things I’d normally use fire for. Especially Ice.

Anyway, I probably won’t be bothering with Scarlet/Violet at release. There’s way too much going on this Novemeber, and by the time it rolls around I’ll probably be a bit bored with the franchise. Having finished the story I’ll return to my more usual shiny hunting antics and eventually get tired to running in circles. I’m planning to finish it off sometime this week and we’ll see where it goes after that.

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