Blaugust 2022 – Goals and Intent

My participation was a little more spur of the moment this year. I normally do a bit more lead up and a bit more planning. This year I just up and decided I wanted to do it. Not a lot unlike my first year, actually. Much like then, I need to (re)find my voice.

One of the problems I’ve been running into with blogging for the last year or so has been the nature of my content. When I began I had quite a bit to say and I was doing a lot of gaming. It was fairly easy to find topics to write about while remaining fairly lighthearted, optimistic, and/or informative. I have, as a rule, tried to limit the amount of heavy or serious topics I write about.

I now find myself at a heavy disadvantage because my past interests have declined significantly. While this is especially true of gaming, the real problem is that it’s been replaced with a much higher interest in activism and community engagement. Not an issue in itself, but now very politically charged topics. I feel as though I’ve reached a point where I can no longer even introduce myself properly without crossing the threshold.

I’ve also wondered what the point of that even is. Things seem so polarized now that my opinions are either preaching to the choir or inherently inflammatory. I realize that this is partially because I’m in the US, which introduces its own sort of bias to my perspective, but certainly not exclusive to it. It also means that expressing some opinions is likely to eventually draw the wrong kind of attention from the wrong people. The difference now is that I find I don’t care so much any more.

As this change has occurred in me, though, it has negatively impacted my ability to write posts regularly because I refused to express myself. It’s made the process feel… inauthentic. Forced, perhaps. That’s not really what I want, though. I enjoy writing, and the expression it represents, but could not find a way to do so without succumbing to negativity and anger.

So I feel that this is my primary goal and intent for Blaugust this year. To try and find a voice and approach that allows me to express who I am now without turning my blog into a long-form Twitter thread. This is going to require me to explore some content types that are less familiar to me, and perhaps more journal-like in nature. We’ll see. One day at a time.

As always I aim to post every single day, and I’ve been eying those achievements too. I’m not planning to address them much through the month, but I may visit them at the end in my wrap-up post. There’s a reason why I invested enough time to 100% the achievements for Borderlands 1 and 2. I’m at 52% on Pre-sequel and 29% on 3. Both tasks that are on my “I’ll do it someday” list.

I also wouldn’t write off gaming content entirely. There are some upcoming titles I’m interested in checking out. I just don’t feel that it’s realistic for me to limit the scope of my writing if I want to continue doing it. Gaming simply doesn’t occupy enough of my life to provide that level of content.

Of course, the alternative solution would simply be to blog less, but without the habit it just won’t get done.

Y’all take care and stay safe out there.

Hey, it’s Blaugust time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

3 thoughts on “Blaugust 2022 – Goals and Intent

  1. I can empathise with this post. Due to both the political and social climate in the UK, I find that I’d rather blog about the news and what’s currently going on, rather than games and pop culture. However, that may not be a good move for myself or my readers. So I try to temper such desires, which results with me not writing as much. So I do appreciate your position. Hope Blaugust offers a solution.

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