New World – Looking at Achievements and Player Activity

It’s never occurred to me before to look at game achievements as a way to see over player advancement and what’s being focused on. It’s an interesting thought that only occured to me because Steam insists on showing me recently attained achievements with a poorly updated percentage of player completion. It also takes the extra step to add a glowing golden highlight to anything under ten percent or so. This is why I even noticed. New World is so new that there has been many more glowing ones than I’m accustomed to. If anyone is curious and wants to look for themselves, the global stats may be found here.

The first thing I did was double check the veracity of my statement about skinning being much easier to level than the other gathering skills. Right now, the max skinning achievement is sitting around 10% completion. One in ten players.

This is followed by mining at a measly 0.3%, harvesting at 0.2%, and fishing and logging at 0%. At the very least, that suggests that I was on the right track, though I did find some inconsistencies in my assertions.

I did specifically notice that Starmetal does grant a good deal more experience than other metals like iron. It’s also a lot less common, but it may be worth looking at a starmetal route for levelling if you’re interested in pushing that front. I may test a few routes and report back next week if I find anything interesting.

We can also get an idea of the levelling progress of players as well. The progress achievements are given every 10 level up to the current max of 60. It’s more of a curiosity than anything else, but we can see that the majority of the population has yet to hit level 30. This could be applicable to companies that limit recruitment to certain level ranges. While there are valid reason to do this, anything 30+ is currently a pretty small market.

Another fun set are the the time played achievements. New World can get a bit grindy, as all MMOs do, and I was curious, with all its record concurrency numbers, just how many of those players were willing or able to invest large amounts of time. It’s a bit biased because they don’t begin until 80 hours, which is not an insignificant amount of time. It’s also only been two week since launch, so people with eighty hours have played the game about as much as a full time job for two weeks.

Even more amazing is that tiny sliver of players that have somehow hit 320. At the time of publication the game will only been live for around 330 hours or so. That tiny sliver of people have literally kept the game open since launch. I doubt you have to be actively logged in an playing. It probably runs off the Steam “time played” metric which counts things like sitting at the title screen as well as sitting in a server queue.

We might could imply that it takes roughly 80 hours to reach level 40, or 160 hours to reach level 50, but I doubt those numbers are quite that strongly correlated. I know plenty of people between the 80 and 160 hour mark (according to Steam) that are only in the mid to high 30s.

This also suggests that the vast majority of people are playing the game in a more casual manner, or simply don’t have the time to play it as much.

I thought it was interesting, anyway.

Y’all take care. I’m gonna go stare at resource maps for a while.

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