New World – Differences in Gathering Skill Gain

Something I’ve been observing in New World lately is the rate at which skill gains happen. A lot of the gathering skills, for example, increase at roughly the same rate. Larger nodes and higher level nodes give slightly more, but the difference the lowest gains are only about half the highest. At least, that’s been my observation so far. You also do not get more experience from nodes in higher level areas.

This is especially true of mining, harvesting, and logging, though I’ll admit I’ve not done much of the latter. The advantage is the it’s always worthwhile to stop and grab stuff you see out in the wild. It always yields enough experience to make the effort worthwhile. This helps prolong the games “oh look, a piece of candy” method of dragging you through the wilderness. It also helps that you need the lower tier materials to craft the higher tier ones, so they’re always relevant.

You need 4 fiber to make one linen, 4 linen to make one sateen, and 4 sateen to make one silk. It doesn’t exactly make sense realistically, but it means there’s always a demand for the lower tier materials. Given the effort involved, this also helps encourage people to purchase materials instead of gathering it themselves, providing a market for them. I’ve seen several cases where it’s even cheaper to buy the refined results instead to the base materials to make it.

Skinning, however, is the odd man out on gathering. Much like weapon mastery, the amount of skinning experience you receive varies with the level of the thing you’re skinning. Yeah, you can go right outside a starting city and skin wolves for about 100 experience each. Tons of them. They’re everywhere and super easy to kill. If you go to a higher level area though, say around level 35, you can easily get 600-700 skinning xp each. This makes it somewhat unique in that it’s extremely easy to level skinning compared to the other skills. I thought maybe this applied to some of the more odd creatures, like bears that can be mined and wolves that can be logged. I don’t remember it being as pronounced, though. Certainly not like skinning.

Maybe I’m missing something, but the net effect is that the other skills feel excruciatingly slow by comparison. Made much worse probably by the fact that skinning is already maxed while the others seem stuck in a post-100 no man’s land.

Then there’s fishing, which probably seems slow just because I don’t do it a lot. All of the other gathering skills are easy to do on the go, while questing, or just wandering around. Fishing on the other hand is somewhat more stationary, though there is something to be said for chasing hotspots. The best results and the best fish are difficult to get without constantly packing up and finding a hotspot with actively jumping fish.

Duty calls elsewhere, though. Y’all take care. Don’t spend all your bait in one place.

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