A Little Twitch on the Side

I’m going to skip writing about New World for a day. Four days on the same topic is a bit intense compared to what I usually do. In the week leading up to New World’s launch, I was slowly putting a plan together to try something I haven’t in a long time; streaming.

There’s a lot of reasons I never bothered. The first was that early attempts to do something as simple as record video for YouTube proved to be too much strain on my PC. Older games and non-3D games tended to be okay, but there was a noticeable issue with trying to render graphics and encode video at the same time. I just figured there wasn’t much point in trying to stream if I could barely encode to a local drive.

The second major barrier has always been network connection. I live in the middle of nowhere, and this has consequences. There’s only a single non-satellite provider to my address, and with a low population density we tend to get passed up on upgrades. We do live on a major highway, though, and there’s a cruel irony to knowing that some of the lines that run in front of the house are fiber with no local uplink. We have had an upgrade or two in the last decade though, so I figured maybe, just maybe, the current state could handle the burden.

It only recently occured to me that with a laptop that’s almost as capable as my desktop, that I could easily play on one device and encode/upload on the other. Considering how cheap USB capture cards are, I figured it was worth at least trying. After monkeying around with cables and adapters I managed to actually get a video signal and go live. On my end, at least, everything seemed to be fine.

I had my oldest child pull it up while I was live to see if it was at least working, though I ended up inviting my best friend to watch it and see what the quality looked like while I played New World, thought it was also so he could get an idea of what the game looked and sounded like. That test at least suggested it was possible, though I had to reconfigure my sound setup a bit. My mic audio was getting lost somewhere along the way.

I don’t know if there’s any long term plan here, it was more to see if I could than anything else. The reality of my current work schedule heavily limits what I can do. I get about 40 minutes or so that can be streamed on a weekday, and that’s only because I’m actively making an effort to do so. So far I’ve spent that time on New World, because it happens to be what I’m playing.

So I guess we’ll see. Maybe it’ll be something I continue doing from time to time like blogging. Maybe it’ll just be something I did. At the very least I enjoyed the puzzle presented by getting all the various inputs and outputs sorted out and set up, and it’s nice to know it’s at least possible now.

Y’all take care. Check it out, or don’t. My best friend informed me that I sound much more “country” on stream than I do in person.

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