New World – Grinding Crates and Stockpiles

Since I do mostly gathering and crafting, as a general rule, the refining agents that come from crates and stockpiles in camps and on farms are pretty important. If you’re doing cooking, they also tend to be extremely important, as certain ingredients only come from the “provisions” version of them. Some of these items, like sand flux, command a higher price than many of the items they’re used to make. Of course, silver ore sells for many times what silver bars do as well. Markets are weird. The bottom line is that they can be quite valuable.

The main problem with all this is that it tends to take a lot of effort. They don’t refresh very quickly. There tend to only be maybe eight to ten in any given area, and they can be quite spread out. It’s not that hard to run from farm to farm or camp to camp and clean them out, but it’s a lot of running around and can be a bit slow.

One of the nice parts of New World, though, is the returns you can get from just wandering around and exploring odd areas of the map. My brother and I were running from Windsward to one of our gathering areas when we decided to take a rather scenic detour. One that seemed to have an unusually high number of crates and stockpiles along the way.

We sat on it for a couple of days, but finally gave the more “official” version of our route tonight. I must say, I was quite impressed. Now, I wondered briefly if I should share this information. After all, I could be putting myself in competition with others. However, the crates and stockpiles are the one thing that doesn’t have to be competed for. I have very little to lose, and the community has much to gain.

We started from the town in Monarch’s Bluffs. There really isn’t much between town and the fishery, the first large circle, but there’s quite a bit in that area. A lot of the little docks, shacks, and houses have at least one box in them. Except the southernmost dock connecting the two shorelines. It’s actually quite dense just by itself.

If you follow the coastline to the south, though, there are a number of little enemies scattered about with a box nearby. Many of them are near rocks or bits of ship.

Most of the action is in the second large area. There are several small camps, shipwrecks, and stuff through here, many with one or more boxes to be had.

It really pays to take it a little slow and just explore the exploration of these areas.

For the red areas, the enemy level is typically around level 8. Not a threat to most characters, and since we’re pushing 30 it was trivial to deal with them. We just slowly worked our way through looking at everything.

Having said that, the yellow section of the route is around 24/25. There are a few named mobs and sometimes a very high mob density in that area. There are also fewer boxes, generally speaking, but still enough that it was worth doing. There’s actually a five-man dungeon thing at the end, but we didn’t fool with it.

Hopefully somebody finds this route relatively useful. I had fun exploring it, and it yielded a large number of refining agents, gear to tear down for repair parts, and even a cooking recipe at one point. That was in the larger higher-level area though.

Y’all take care. May the RNG be ever in your favor.

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