New World – PvP

It really is a testament that New World actually managed to get me involved in PvP. It’s something I typically go well out of my way to avoid. I haven’t exactly done a lot of it here either, but the first major conflict on the server happened to be the city I was set up in. I figured I would chip in on the effort a bit.

It helped a lot that this particular defense had a few good leaders and a small zerg army at their disposal. That allowed me to flag up and move with a large group to figure out what I was supposed to be doing and where. I didn’t even realize there were missions when I began, but I caught the pack on the way out the door.

The missions themselves are extremely simply and uninteresting. Stay alive in the designated “defense zone” for a minute and a half, gather x amount of resources, kill x amount of critters, and perhaps the most involved and slightly more interesting one, collect a thing from one box and take it to the other box.

The last one is only interesting because it actually involves a little thought and effort on your routing and the overall terrain. In my experience one or both of them tend to have poor cover. At least in the zones I’ve done it in. I believe all faction PvP quests take place in the same area as well, increasing the general level of conflict.

Something I haven’t done a lot of is actual PvP combat. The few times that happened I would describe the result as roflstomped. This involved some confused directions to divert to the fort, where an entire enemy team was waiting to smash anything coming through the door.

The fort seems to have some strategic value as well. It allegedly boosts the regional influence gain from the PvP missions, meaning that it’s easier to keep or take control of the region if you hold the fort.

While the zerg is effective, I actually enjoyed the more guerilla style warfare of a two-man team a couple of days later. It was easier to travel, route, and coordinate with a small voice-chat team. I wouldn’t say the combat went much better, really, but I had much more fun doing that. There wasn’t actually much fighting that day. It was just small skirmishes.

I can say that getting credit for a PvP kill awards a considerable amount of experience compared to PvE content. It’s also surprisingly hard to accomplish. For me and my build anyway.

I don’t think I’m likely to ever participate in the actual “wars” themselves. I’m not guilded, and a poor candidate to be selected anyway. There have been one or two so far, but they’re apparently hard to fund. Several potential wars have already failed because there wasn’t enough money to pay for the declaration. That’s what I’ve heard, anyway. Since we were the defenders, that could be biased.

That’s about all I’ve done for hard PvP. I’ve also seen a lot of soft PvP as well. The game seems engineered to encourage it. In this context, it’s mostly about access to spawns and resources. Since any player harvesting a node causes it to despawn, all players are essentially in competition for those resources. I’m not exactly a fan, personally, as it’s a very old-school method of management that encourages a toxic “me first” atmosphere, even among friendlies. This is especially true with the more limited resources.

I’ve seen a fair bit of trollish behavior too, usually from other factions. Old school tricks like running hostile mobs through a fishing group in the wild and things like that. It’s a particularly cheap way to engage in PvP because there isn’t a lot of opportunity to defend yourself in that situation. It’s quite one-sided. I’ve been meaning to check and see if that’s against the ToS or not. I don’t mind reporting them if it is.

More than anything I’m impressed that the game managed to get me in PvP at all. I don’t mind participating from time to time, but I’m not sure how interesting the system really is. Outside of grinding faction standing and tokens, it feels absurdly repetitive and not particularly productive. Perhaps once the economy is more established and funding is worked out, it may become more relevant. Right now it seems easier to just let the conflict state happen and have the standing reset when war isn’t declared. This seems to be par for the course so far.

Y’all take care. Watch out for those war hammers. They hurt.

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