New World – A Week In

I feel like I have a lot of ground to cover when writing about Amazon’s New World. I think it makes sense for me to break my thoughts out into various individual themed posts, rather than write a massive all of text about all of it.

I’ve spent most of the last week playing the game, which is a bit of a compliment. Despite not feeling particularly strong about the concept before hand, it has a subtle way to latching on to various aspects of sandbox gameplay that makes it hard to ignore. It feels a bit like UO and a bit like SWG, and I like it.

There’s one minor detail I’ve grown quite fond of, though, and it’s the sound design. There are a lot of unique and interesting sounds to be heard, and it works well within the PvP setup of the game. I personally find the sound of the musket quite satisfying, but to each their own.

I haven’t had a chance to look at the housing system to see what’s up with that. Housing is somewhat expensive. A decent little nest egg of money is acquired from NPC quests, but the more likely and repeatable town board and faction board quests have significantly lower money rewards. Usually in the one to six gold range for the ones I’m normally doing. The base purchase price of the smallest houses, by comparison, is 5,000 gold. Not including whatever taxes cost on top of that. Most of my money has been made selling bags in the 800+ gold range, but even then I cannot afford the smallest house.

The other thing any player is quick to notice, is that you end up running around quite a lot. You can recall once an hour, but cannot fast travel outside of town. On top of that, fast travel uses a resource called Azoth, which is far easier to spend than to replace. Most town to town teleports cost around 80 to 100 azoth. With a current cap of 1000, plus its additional use in crafting, it’s easy to burn through it.

Crafting is also an interesting beast. The ability to replace lower tier ingredients with higher tier ones for a better result is something I quite like. It typically boosts the minimum and/or maximum gear score when you do this. There are also a variety of additional items that drop in various places and ways that allow you to add a specific bonus to a piece of gear. Otherwise you rely on RNG to give you one, if at all.

On top of all these things, it remains an absolutely beautiful game.

Not one without its flaws, though. Unlike many others, I waited most of a day before I attempted to log in. This means I was able to select a lower population server, and have only encountered a login queue one time. I started at 12th place too, which was nice.

There is a still a great deal of intermittent lag too. The game occasionally stops and just shows a red “Lag Detected” in the middle of the screen, preventing you from moving or doing anything until it catches up. Not a bad way to deal with lag, I guess, but a frustrating one at times. Nothing you can do but stare at the screen until it catches up. Considering the number of concurrent users has it sitting in the number two slot, just behind CS:GO, I’d say it’s doing pretty well.

I have also run into a selection of other odd bugs. UI elements that won’t go away once triggered. Incorrect tooltips. My quest log slowly crept off the screen at one point. The player interaction menu occasionally breaks, preventing you from doing things like trading until you relog. That sounds like most of the big ones. Nothing horrible or awful, mostly just minor nuisance problems. On the whole, not a bad experience. Still a smoother play than, say, Cyberpunk.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to go into a bit more detail about some of the systems. Crafting and PvP are on the short list.

Y’all take care. Don’t give in to the corruption.

4 thoughts on “New World – A Week In

  1. “…a resource called Azoth, which is far easier to spend than to replace…” Not in my experience, which has been the exact opposite. I get bombarded every session with warnings that I’m about to exceed my Azoth cap and all future azoth gains will be lost until I use some. I’ve been using the shrines when I otherwise wouldn’t and throwing azoth into crafting when I was only making stuff I was going to salvage just to try and keep below the cap.

    I think this is because I’ve been hammering through the main quest series and it gives a ton of azoth at every step. I don’t really get why they gave it such a low cap in the first place. It must have some relevance later on, I guess.

    As for lag, I’ve never seen that message so I guess I haven’t had any. I’ve had some frame rate lag in busy areas bit actual latency, not so you’d notice. Pretty good playing on NA servers from the UK.

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    1. The lag has been getting progressively better, despite the apparent population increase on our server. I have started to get login queues recently.

      I agree that the story quests do help keep azoth up, but I can only assume those stop at some point. Once I stopped progressing the story to work on other stuff, the supply dried up fairly quick.


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