Borderlands 1 – Completion Update

I don’t have anything lined up for today, but I did use some extra free time to push forward a bit and figured I would take inventory.

I managed to successfully kill Crawmerax, though it was a bit of a pain to do so. The boss and the adds all hit for my entire shield and most of my health. There’s a trick that can animation lock the boss for a bit, but I still had to trigger him and finish him off the old fashioned way. I managed, but it was barely. Unfortunately I didn’t get any cool or useful loot to help me wrap up the rest of these. Still, it was one I was really concerned about and it’s out of the way now.

This is what’s left. I don’t think the top one is an issue. All I have to do is find someone who has it already and join their game.

The brains mission is apparently an optional one that I overlooked when I did the zombie DLC. It’s not in my quest list for either playthrough, so I’ll have to do it from scratch. All tiers combined it’s about 435 brains. That’s a lot of headshot zombies, but that’s how it is.

Those next four I’m not sure about. I haven’t touched them in a very long time. I’m hoping that the higher end gear I have now will make it less dumb. If it doesn’t seem doable any other way, I’m not above enabling demi-god mode if they’re all I have left. I’m considering that a last resort option though, but it’s still possible to die and they take a good bit of time to complete.

The completionist should be easy enough. I was working on this a bit on my higher level playthrough, but it looks like it will be easier to go finish it on Playthrough 1. I’ll have to take out Crawmerax again, but some of the other quests such as the Circle of Duty colosseum quests are proving absurdly difficult at max level. I’ve managed to clear about four out of five at max level though.

My desire to get all this done by 160 hours was apparently a bit optimistic. I’m at 159.9 hours now, and I have at least another 8 hours to go. Oh well, maybe by 175.

As of right now, I’ll still in the mood to move on to Borderlands 2 when I’m done. My oldest child has expressed an interest in joining me, though I doubt he has the patience required to do 100% I’ll take whatever help I can get though, and it’s always nice to have those shared memories.

Y’all take care, onward and upward.

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