Borderlands 1 – Quest for Completion

Between my oldest child using Borderlands: Pre-Sequel as a benchmark for his recently revived desktop and the plethora of news coming through about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, it’s no wonder that I’ve had Borderlands on the brain. It reminded me of a project I once undertook quite some time ago. When I went to look it was 2016 when I last worked on it. Well before blogging. Almost five years to the month.

That project was reaching 100% completion on the original Borderlands. Not for any specific reason, really, just because I could. I didn’t do half bad either. I had 86% (69/80) when I stopped. Mostly because my brother had lost interest. The burden of grind and repetition took its toll and I never really went back to it. I don’t normally do the 100% thing. It’s not so bad when there are interesting things to do, but a lot of the “find all 200 turboencabulators'” stuff really isn’t much fun. That’s just the video game equivalent of busywork. For me anyway. To each their own.

I do know that one of the last things I’d worked on was the absurdly long “The Collector,” which requires you to collect a ridiculous number of Claptrap parts. I had tried without much luck to do it the “long” way, before I looked up a guide and found the easier way to do it. There’s a small nook in that DLCs final boss room where you can hide and not die. The boss is large and has a penchant for running over and killing the claptraps that spawn. You basically just hide in the corner and leave the game running overnight. Get up, finish the fight, collect the game-freezingly absurd amount of loot.

The real nail in the coffin was trying to reach the 60+ level range. I had managed to reach the end of playthrough 2, leaving me in the 2.5 portion where everything becomes level-synced. I was poorly equipped for that task, making the experience grind quite difficult and slow. Eventually I got tired of trying.

Five years later I figured I may as well try to hammer the last few nails in the coffin. With a little research I was able to reach max level in a few hours and spend another 6 or so getting some passable gear. I had a very convenient Mordecai build that could almost one-shot the end game enemies due shield bypass and their low physical health. I finished the Claptrap DLC far enough that I could repeatedly open the 20ish red chests in the “gift shop” area. It took several dozen runs, but it’s easy to do.

With the low-hanging fruit out of the way it’s mostly just trying to get through content. Half of the remaining achievements are from the Underdome coliseum. Throw in Crawmerax the “secret final boss,” a couple of quest chains I never completed, and the “viral” achievement and I should be done. It’s not nearly as easy as that makes it sound, but it should be doable. Then I can check that random and nonsensical challenge off the list. It’s a testament to how much I like the game that I’m bothering at all.

The time I spent just getting that far is around 146 hours, though that includes the time spent idling in the boss room and the time I spent just playing the game instead of hunting achievements. I’m hoping to be done by or before the 160 hour mark. I’ve debating working on Borderlands 2 afterward, but we’ll see. It really depends on how I’m feeling once I get done. Not like I don’t have plenty of other things to be doing.

Y’all take care. Don’t let Claptrap talk to you on the way out.

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