Saints Row Reboot – Super Unrealistic Campy Kitsch

Only the finest of clickbait for you today, friends.

I would generally consider the Saints Row franchise something of a guilty pleasure. I’m not exactly a fan, per se, but I have to admit that I have enjoyed its particular brand of absurdity from time to time. It did eventually burn itself out, jumping the shark well before it reached the fourth game. A particularly absurd piece of work. I can claim to have finished all four of the major installments though, though I can’t really tell if that’s a pro or a con.

The announcement of the reboot is half surprise and half not. I had largely stopped thinking about the series because there just wasn’t anywhere to take it as a continuation of the fourth game. In that context, a reboot makes a lot of sense. There are few modern competitors to GTA and enough time has passed that a reboot makes sense. It’s been 15 years since the original title and eight years since the last major release.

The announcement trailer from yesterday may be found here.

The trailer itself leaves me with a variety of thoughts on the whole thing. First is its tagline, “Self Made,” as well as the narrative and launch materials. It seems to be putting itself in a position similar to that of the original game. A small ragtag gang of characters trying to get started and make a name for itself by taking down what looks to be, big surprise, three other factions. Certainly not breaking any molds in format.

The second is that it has a sort of part mid-western part Vegas thing going on. That could at least set it apart somewhat from the exclusively “generic big city” vibe most of the previous games had. I’m curious how much of it is borrowing from the semi-urban/semi-rural setting of GTA V.

The last thing is that the trailer shows absolutely nothing especially gameplay related. While not a surprise, it feels like a clip from your standard over the top action movie. Guns, check. Explosions, check. Driving backward across rooftops, check.

I am mildly curious how close to the over the top absurdity of the other entries it would be. Most of the scenes in the trailer give off a slightly more down to earth vibe. No pony rides, dubstep guns, or penetrators are on show. Having said that, the neon cat emoji helmet seems like it would be perfectly at home in the previous games. Probably the headwear for the main protagonist in the opening scene and something of a nod to the other games. You’re apparently not the Boss if you don’t have some absurd thing on your head.

I’ve also noticed a distinct lack of purple in the materials available. Yet another departure from their normal branding. Instead there’s a great deal of blue. Blue skies in particular, but just generally blue. It seems like a genuine attempt to split the difference between something new and something that will appeal to the existing fan base. I can only hope they’ve managed to do it without alienating both sides.

I’ll give them credit for one thing. They waited until they were six months out to make any real announcement. I’d say that’s way better than, say, whatever Bethesda is doing with Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI. It’s nice to hear about a title for the first time and not have the release date several years down the road.

I got a little tickled when I saw the preorder packages. For those that aren’t aware, you can currently claim the Saints Row: The Third remaster for free on Epic until Sept. 2nd 2021 in celebration of the announcement. This basically invalidates the current “Platinum” tier. At least purchases of it have been disabled.

I guess we’ll see how it goes. I’m not exactly optimistic or excited. Best case scenario is that it’s more of the same thing wrapped in newer and more accessible packaging. I’ll keep an eye on it from time to time to see how things develop.

Y’all take care. Remember, don’t preorder a product when you don’t even know what the product is.

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