Rambling Thoughts – Getting Things Under Control

Having more of a “get motivated” than a “stay motivated” sort of month, it seems. I have a lot of new projects on the table, quite literally in a few cases.

I’ve been reviewing a lot of old habit and seeing which ones I can nudge and in what direction. Most of them are fairly small changes or changes of convenience. Preparing different things for dinner, getting more exercise, and getting my jungle of a yard back under control.

Dinners are a weird territory. I often lean toward relatively easy to prepare foods because it’s easier to shove something in the oven and let it sort itself out than it is to actively prepare something. I’ve also been wanting a few things like chicken pot pie so I decided to make a slightly larger than average one using a 13*9 cake pan. Overall reaction was positive, but like many things on this week’s menu, the picky child didn’t like it. That’s normal though, and I’ve given up planning meals around it.

This isn’t an entirely new effort either. I had already made an effort to break things up a bit. This is more a continuation of that effort by introducing additional variety and making a few adjustments to our established foods.

While I’ve been making a half-hearted effort to be less of a potato, my wife decided to invite me on her run training this weekend. I find that the interval training was a bit too much too fast, though I did manage to keep up for the first mile. I told her if I joined her again we would probably need to modify the interval pacing a little bit.

I also decided that now was a good time to start walking and poking around with Pokemon Go again. This is one of those convenience changes. The kids’ bus stop is a little down the road, for safety reasons, and there just happens to be a Pokestop on that corner and enough space to get out and walk around. If it isn’t raining, it’s even close enough that I can walk there, though that hasn’t worked out lately.

The yard is more a problem of neglect. My previous mower gave up the ghost early in the year, and it took a while to obtain a replacement. I finally have, though, so now I must fight with it to get it back under control. I’ll be glad to see it done after the fact, though, and I’m sure my neighbor will as well. It doubles as a convenient source of exercise too, I guess. Going to be a bit hit and miss until it stops raining so much.

Hopefully at least some of these changes will stick. Small modifications to effort are easier than large ones, though.

Y’all take care.

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