#Blaugust21 – Staying Motivated Week

I wish that I had some great advice to bestow at this point. Alas, the details of how to keep yourself going are just as individual as why we started to begin with. I’m also perhaps the last person you should be taking advice from when it comes to staying motivated. It’s certainly not my strong point.

The number one thing that’s typically working against me is having something I’m willing to write about. The day to day details of life are extremely repetitive and typically not worth writing about unless something unusual has happened. It also leaves me with little free time to try new games or work on personal projects. I’ve had a 3D printing post on the list for weeks, but have yet to secure the spare time needed to set down and do the required legwork.

The only real answer I’ve found so far is to simply make myself write. On the worst days I might got through three or four two-three paragraph drafts before I find something I want to write about. In some cases, like this one, there is an easily and readily apparent topic to fill the void. However, Blaugust lasts for only five weeks or so, and this leaves 47 other weeks in the year where there isn’t a theme to use as a crutch.

Looking back my usual efforts were focused on finding something new to do. Either a new activity, a new games, or simply exploring a new angle or side of a game. I’ve been experimenting with a few things on the blog lately as well. Stepping a little outside of my normal range of topics to include some of the more critical thinking and science ideas that I avoid as being overly antagonistic.

The other key factor is reminding myself of the various reasons why I started, or restarted, as the case may be. There are many of these, and they can be quite personal. To prove to myself that I could and to hone the skill of writing through use were the original two. Both of these have, to some extent, been replaced by writing as a means to explore and express thoughts and simply to share thoughts and opinions about certain topics. Most of my posts are an exploration first and a sharing second.

Of course, much like this post, that exploration tends to become somewhat rambling, as I cannot always tell where I’m going.

Something tangible to consider when staying motivated is what level of effort is sustainable in the long term. Is it realistic to task yourself with writing daily? I believe scheduling and consistency are important, but that doesn’t have to be daily. Could be MWF. Could be T/Th. I can’t really tell you what your ideal schedule should be.

Ultimately I believe that routine and rhythm is important. I stopped writing when my normal routine became non-viable and I didn’t put in the effort to find a new one. My new and erratic posting didn’t feel right and slowly faded into nothing. The problem with not doing it daily, however, is that I have a tendency to forget. Built into my every day routine there’s always a point where I realize I need to do the writing for the day. Doing it less frequently, I’m much more likely to not realize it hasn’t been done.

I should think on this further, but I must turn my attention to other tasks, like getting caught up with the posting.

Y’all take care.

Hey, it’s Blaugust time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

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