Road 96 – A Concern

So I mentioned in yesterday’s post about Road 96 that I wasn’t sure I would want my children to play the game, then neglected to elaborate further. At the end of the day it has everything to do with the general motif of the player character as a runaway teen.

While there are certainly some situations in which running away to escape an abusive situation is justified, I feel that the game glorifies the process just a bit. Many of the characters you meet are friendly and/or outright helpful. Very few of them are or appear to be actively hostile. Mix in a few heartwarming and relatable moments and I could easily see some children and teens deciding it’s preferable to their current life.

This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to play, necessarily, but rather an informed and thoughtful decision should be made. Unfortunately it is often the case that parents have neither the time nor the inclination to monitor every form of media, including games, that their offspring see and play.

Maybe I’m missing the point of the thing or simply biased by being a parent.

Y’all take care.

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