Elite Dangerous – Thoughts of Returning

I know the Odyssey expansion for Elite came out a little while ago, to what I would call the opposite of great fanfare. It seems to have been a great idea with rough execution. I’ve not tried it yet, but I keep thinking about it off and on.

The main selling point is space legs. Say what you like about the way Frontier runs and designs the game, but they’ve been very slowly expanding the feature of Elite Dangerous to the extent that it’s a quite nice simulation. It has always been a fairly nice, realistic, and immersive space flight sim, and old space legs was always a feature I thought would be a nice one.

Near as I can tell from loosely following things, the three main complaints were glitches, performance, and relatively bullet-spongey content. There’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s the general sense that I’ve gotten. I still haven’t purchased the expansion myself, but I’m thinking about it.

It’s been my observation up to this point that each new expansion usually has this phase. Everyone looks forward to it, it comes out, much complaining is has, and Frontier slowly tweaks and modifies things until “the community” is only mildly annoyed by it. I actually have no idea what the preferences of the vocal segment of the community are, as I’ve never paid that much attention. Honestly I just enjoy feeling like I’m actually flying the spaceship in much the same way I imagine people enjoy flying planes in a normal flight sim.

One thing Elite has that I’ve always wanted to try is VR. It seems like a perfect compliment to an immersive game like Elite. Unfortunately it’s taken quite a long time for that technology to become affordable enough to make it worth considering. I’ve been looking at some of the slightly less than new headset on eBay, though, and I think some of them are in a price range I might be able to justify.

Unfortunately most of the VR content I’ve seen seems more gimickey than immersive. Maybe that’s just a lack of experience, but it’s why I considered Elite a good place to try it. It’s a full game designed to be immersive and playable in its own right rather than one that was designed to be a “VR experience.”

Either way, the idea is on the table. I like the game and I don’t think the developer is all that bad, really.

Y’all take care. Fly safe commanders.

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One thought on “Elite Dangerous – Thoughts of Returning

  1. One thing to keep in mind is that, at least the last I heard (and I don’t follow the game closely) Frontier has stopped working on the VR mode as of the latest expansion. I guess it was just too costly to port the VR engine aspects to walking around the stations?

    Again, I’d double check this info since maybe it is out of date or I was mis-informed, but before you spent on a VR setup, probably a good idea to check.

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