Something New – Sun Haven

I figured while I was messing around with the Cottage Living expansion for Sims 4, I would also take a look at a vaguely similar title on Steam. Sun Haven (Steam, Twitter) falls somewhere between Stardew Valley and Rune Factory in terms of play style. It’s has a really nice pixel art style, especially where the regions/locations are concerned. Unfortunately it really doesn’t like my screengrab software, often capturing empty frames or previous/duplicate screengrabs, and even once causing a permanent blue tint until I quit the game.

In terms of gameplay, it is initially very similar to Stardew Valley, mostly centering around farming and exploration. The tools and mechanics are largely similar, with a few exceptions. There isn’t a stamina bar, which means you can do as much work as you can find time for. Crops work a little different as well. All are harvested with the scythe and none of them have a repeated yield. Once harvested you’re left with untilled dirt that must be re-tilled with the hoe and then replanted with new seeds.

The game does have a quarry, very similar to the mine from Stardew Valley, but with much fewer enemies and slightly less randomness. The individual floors always have the same map, but the position of rocks, ores, and such are randomised. You also don’t clear a floor simply by finding the exit. Instead you either find a “rusty key” that will temporarily unlock the next floor, or you smelt enough metal to make the appropriate key to permanently unlock access. I’ve only been down a few floors, but have yet to encounter any enemies while doing so.

There is a great deal more combat though, featuring not only swords but crossbows and magic as well. Enemies are mostly in the surrounding wilderness areas, which you typically explore looking for either materials or doing story quests. It’s also worth noting that enemies respawn extremely quickly, and occasionally have drops for the many quests coming from villages or the job board.

Most basic activities are associated with one of the four skill trees in the game. Exploration includes logging, fishing, and all found/foraged type materials. Farming includes crops, with most experience coming from the harvest, and presumably animals and livestock, which I haven’t really messed with. Mining is anything using a pickaxe. All four of these experience types can be rewarded for quest completion, often with a choice of additional money or experience.

There are a variety of systems I haven’t really touched on or talked about, mostly because I didn’t really try them or had a hard time getting a workable screenshot. There are a multitude of pets, from penguins and frogs to cats and dogs, but they were mildly expensive so I didn’t get one. The general store that sells seeds also sells a rotating stock of decorative furniture for your home, not a lot unlike Animal Crossing. There’s also a basic refining and crafting system similar to that a Stardew Valley. Building relationship works like it as well, but instead of simply talking to the NPCs you must select the correct dialogue options.

Overall it seems like it’s a fairly solid title that’s currently incomplete and has a lot of potential. I’ll be keeping an eye on it from time to time, as it already supports multiplayer. I did not get a chance to test it out though. Perhaps in the future when I can more easily get screenshots, I’ll revisit and see where we’re at. It will allegedly be available on the Switch at some point as well.

Y’all take care. Don’t spend all your coins on one crop.

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