Podcasts – A Snapshot of Interests

This is something of a Blaugust tradition for me now. I believe it was originally a prompt at some point, and I just kept doing it. Aside from letting people see and hear about things I don’t always talk about, it provides and interesting time to reflect on how my interests have changed over time. I think I’m going to address it in several different sections this year. The Ever Present, the Removed, and the Added.

The Ever Present

There are only two podcasts to mention here. While there have been others that lasted quite a long time, only two have never left my feed since they were introduced.

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe

This is the big one. I’ve listened to this podcast for almost as long as I’ve listened to podcasts. I wanted to learn more about science and how we know what know, so I picked a single-host science-related podcast that I don’t recall the name of. They happened to have a guest on from SGU and I looked it up and have listened ever since. It’s about science, scientific skepticism, logic, and not only how we know but how our knowing can go wrong. It was exactly what I wanted and since it covers current news as well, I find it’s been great to continue listening to.

Massively OP Podcast

Bree and Justin hardly need mentioning, as most of my readers are probably aware of them. While not on my list as long as SGU, MOP has held its own. I was already a somewhat long term listener when I began blogging in 2018. It hardly seems like it’s been that long. It was added because I wanted a reliable source of MMO related news that had a measurable level of integrity, and stayed because that’s what they provide and it’s fun to listen to. Even when it’s a 15 minute rant about SWG. Especially when it is.

The Removed

I can specifically think of two in this category as well. One was a long time favorite that just wasn’t engaging my interest any more, and the other one was just lost the in COVID weeds along the way as various time crunches and routine changes led me to skip it.

Freakonomics Radio

It’s hard to say what exactly went wrong here. I expressed concern a year ago, when it was still on the list but I wasn’t really feeling it. It occasionally provided interesting or unique perspectives on topics that were interesting or important. There are a lot of socio-political things and movements I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of if it weren’t for the podcast. Still between the frequent re-broadcasts and some subtle content changes, I felt like it was time to make some changes to check out other podcasts and this one didn’t make the cut.

Planet Money

Quite frankly this one was cut largely as a matter of time and COVID fatigue. I agree that there was a lot to be said, but it became such a constant topic across all the media I consumed that I felt like I needed a break. My podcast list is so full now that I have to make a special effort just to stay caught up, but I may consider adding this one back at some point.

The Added

Come to think of it, there are currently two of these as well. One has been on the list quite a bit longer, while the other is a recent addition only about a month ago. I got caught up and found a gap in my schedule, so I went and found something to fill it.

Paint Bravely

One of the YouTube channels that got me into miniature painting was Goobertown Hobbies. Somewhere around the six month mark Brent mentioned that he was doing a podcast and I had time to for something new in my podcast schedule, so figured I’d give it a go. I personally listen to the audio version, but it’s technically a vodcast. Much like my blog it’s a very random, rambly, and conversational affair with a loose and chaotic structure. It’s mostly about miniature painting and occasionally about the larger tabletop miniature industry and community. Unlike everything else on the list, this one is every other week instead of weekly.

Behind the Bastards

This is my most recent addition. It was actually a recommendation/mention from a friend living in London. I had some extra time every other week so I figured I’d give it a shot. The primary point is to discuss the lives and actions of relatively evil and twisted people and organizations. Some historical and some contemporary. As history tends to do, it has a habit of leaving me in a combination of stunned silence and swearing at the car radio. They do a very good job of explaining why the people and groups they discuss are bastards, including Reinhard Heydrich, a literal Nazi that even Hitler thought was a bit extra, to people with a much more positive public image like Bill Gates. It’s usually a lot of material, two episodes/week around an hour plus apiece, but morbidly fascinating.

End Transmission

So that’s where we’re at currently, SGU, MOP, Paint Bravely, and Behind the Bastards. Considering I usually only listen in the car headed to and from work, that’s only about three and a half hours of space trying to fit what can easily be 4 to 6 hours of content. I’ve been able to make it work so far my extending my listening time to other areas such as bath time. It doesn’t mix well with other mentally active tasks such as gaming or writing, though.

It will be interesting to see where I end up a year from now, but that’s enough about me for a day. Y’all take care. Don’t do anything that might get you on Behind the Bastards.

Hey, it’s Blaugust time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

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