Planning – Finding More Time

I’ve been giving a fair amount of thought to what my schedule needs to look like going forward. It’s less about finding time to write and more about finding time to do things worth writing about. Schools are starting up again soon and this places me back on a very rigid schedule.

This typically involves making sure the kids get on the bus then coming home and going straight to bed so I can cram seven hours of sleep in before it’s time to get back up to get them off the bus. This time spent waiting on the bus in the afternoon is one of my more persistent dead zones of productivity. The transportation department will not stop at the end of my driveway for perfectly valid safety reasons. This means I must drive a few hundred feet up the road to a safer location, but one that’s well outside network range. This means that my ability to play most games is limited at best.

I’ve considered getting an external extender to broadcast out to the corner to solve this problem, but I have reservations about broadcasting my local network access that far from the house. I don’t exactly consider my network insecure, but I’m mildly paranoid. Still, it’s not off the list. This would give me the ability to play games that are otherwise unavailable to me during this time. Alternatively I could just stick to titles where this isn’t an issue. The point is to simply take what is typically staring into space time and make something more productive out of it. It’s the only real block of “free time” that I’ll have to work with during the week.

Once the bus drop-offs are done I typically have to busy myself with getting dinner finished and getting ready for work. One of these days I may be able to return to a 45 hour work week, but right now that would take a housing market crash and considering how the last one went I can’t say that I actually want that to happen.

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I also need to figure out what to do with my weekend. I typically try to reduce my sleeping time during the day on Friday so I can take an extended nap Friday night and having something vaguely approximating daylight hours on Saturday. The real problem here is one of discipline. I haven’t been very good at enforcing my limits and instead do a lot more sleeping and a lot less anything else. Perhaps I should opt for an early morning nap on Saturday instead of a split schedule, that way I could get some things done Friday night as well.

That said, I don’t think my wife would appreciate me clickety clacking away in the middle of the night. I might sleep like the dead, but she does not.

I may actually try that last idea this weekend and see how it goes. Those are the only two opportunities I see at the moment. I have plenty of topics I could write about, if only I could get a little grunt work done up front. Spending too much time writing about things I want to do is getting slightly frustrating. Need to actually feel like I’m getting something done.

Y’all take care. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep.

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