#Blaugust21 – Time Travel – Writing Ahead

I’ve been putting this off due to the initial time investment, but the secret to my “success” with Blaugust is really just staying a little ahead of the rolling boulder of tomorrow. The iterations in which I’ve done best were ones in which I stayed one post ahead. If things go pear-shaped or a post idea doesn’t work out, it means I’m not immediately under the gun. I have a 24-hour grace period to sort myself out.

Something that has always struck me as a bit funny and a bit weird though is when I talk about other posts or dates while doing this. Within the context of this post, for example, what I think of as tomorrow’s post at the time of writing is actually yesterday’s post when this goes live. I like to think of it as a “poor man’s time travel.” At the very least, it amuses me.

When I stayed somewhat more in touch with the ebb and flow of news in the gaming industry I did occasionally find it necessary to break routine and move a post back an extra day to make way for something more timely. I find that now I don’t really do that as much. I’m largely disconnected from the gaming community, seeing only what happens to end up in my news feed and what gets discussed on the Massively OP Podcast.

Outside of gaming I find there isn’t much news that I want to talk about. It’s been the same stuff on repeat for a year and a half and I don’t feel that I have anything new to add to that conversation. I feel much the same way about any of the current news regarding Blizzard. If anything, that’s removed more things from my post list than it’s added. I don’t need a whole post just to say that as a company they played stupid games and won stupid prizes.

I’m sure as I re-embed myself in the gaming community a bit something will come up sooner or later. Right now I’m in an experimentation phase. New World has come and gone. I’m currently poking around in a 10-day trial of Crowfall, trying something different in Sims 4, playing Trove on the Switch of all things, and quietly waiting on Book of Travels.

Ah, it appears I’ve wandered off topic a bit here. The other advantage of writing ahead is that it gives me a little bit more editing time. Not that I do a lot of editing, mind you, but I do occasionally wish I had worded something differently, included one thing, or left out another. It gives me just enough time to refine things a little without allowing me to walk back an entire post. Though that has happened as well. Write it today then when tomorrow arrives, well, maybe I don’t really want to post that.

With this I’ve somewhat spent my reservoir of topics about blogging. Unless something else should occur to me hopefully I’ll have something gaming related lined up by Wed morning. Not sure what yet, we’ll just have to keep moving forward and see where we end up. Whatever it is I should be writing it tomorrow. Well, yesterday, really. Hopefully it will already be written by the time you read this.

Y’all take care. Especially when past you is writing future content. Wouldn’t want to create a paradox or something.

Hey, it’s Blaugust time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

2 thoughts on “#Blaugust21 – Time Travel – Writing Ahead

  1. I like posting ahead too, when it comes to Blaugust and posting daily. Although I also sometimes have a bit of antsy energy of ‘want to post it nowww’.

    Like I do now, on the one I just finished writing for tomorrow.

    But still, like you say — having that 24 hour grace period within which you’re still not behind, should anything go wrong, is just too valuable to pass up for events like these! 🙂

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  2. For Blaugust, I tend to write ahead for the weekends so that I have something to post, but have a couple days off from actual writing. I normally don’t post on weekends anyhow unless something amazing happens that I’m inspired to write about that very day. So, I do have to write a little extra during the week, but it’s worth it to me to have a break!

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