#Blaugust21 – Revisiting Topics – Fresh Meat or Dead Horse?

This is one of those things I know everybody thinks about and has to deal with. Especially since I’ve seen much more experienced bloggers mention it. I have been no exception. My method is somewhat simple and only works in the very short term.

That go-to is to alternate topics. That is, I actively avoid writing today (or in this post) what I wrote about in the previous post. I’m willing to make a few exceptions here and there, such as these posts about the nature of blogging and how I personally deal with individual problems. While “repeat topics” and “post planning” are both about blogging, they don’t feel like I’m writing the same thing ad nauseum.

Maybe that’s actually the key to how I feel about it. If I feel like I’m writing the same thing over and over, I don’t feel that there’s anything to be gained by posting it. If it weighs so heavily on my mind that I need to constantly write about it, then it is hardly resolved enough for me to construct a well thought out post. Sometimes it’s also just a matter of excitement. I have few outlets for expression and communication and that energy must go somewhere.

One notable difference in my approach now is a reframing of the problem. There are many topics that I know I’ve at least attempted to write about in the past, but can’t remember if I succeeded. I typically avoided these figuring I should at least check first to see if I posted about it. That’s a lot of ground to cover, though, and would be far much more for the more experienced and established writers.

To get around this I’ve taken to telling myself that if I don’t remember what and when I wrote about, chances are nobody else does either. If none of us remember what was said, then it may as well be a new topic. A fresh one, at least.

This doesn’t solve the whole problem, though. For long terms games I used to a a weekly update post covering everything I did over the last week rather than writing about it every other day. This provides an outlet for those games and leaves plenty of time to write other things.

Where I really struggle is with the more philosophical topics such as economics. While the “don’t remember” rule applies to some extent, I can find myself writing about something like this nearly every other day as I work through a given idea. I don’t really have a good way to handle a repetitive new topic. Perhaps I should simply stop worrying about it and just do my thing.

The reality is that some topics are going to repeat and/or update. Some topics are going to come and go as my personal interests and preferences change. If the blog is a reflection of me, at least in part, then it must reflect those changes to some extent.

Okay, now I’m running in circles with no clean point to make. Y’all take care. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Hey, it’s Blaugust time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

One thought on “#Blaugust21 – Revisiting Topics – Fresh Meat or Dead Horse?

  1. This is a great topic and one I plan to visit later in Blaugust myself (for a different reason). I’d say, there’s nothing wrong with coming back around to a topic you’ve written about in the past, especially if you have something new to say or a new experience to add to it.

    In fact, on my main blog, I revisited a topic I’d written about a few years ago – on purpose! – and it not only went well, but prompted other people to write about the topic too!

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