Blaugust – Putting Together a Plan

Right! The time is almost upon us and it’s time to dust off a few old habits and construct something vaguely similar to a plan.

My first order of business was to update my old stinger with the new logo and link. I find it easiest to keep a blank draft with the stinger set up and simply duplicate that draft through the month. This is especially true now that I’m using the block editor instead of the classic editor. It means I can’t simply copy/paste that section from one post to another. This task is now complete.

The next is a quick survey of the topics on my list and the ones I have in my head. They need to be put on the list, for a start, but I need to have an idea of where my material is leaning at the moment. Including what’s in my head right now I’ve got about 17 topics. Given, I know some of these probably won’t make the cut. At least half of it is my gaming to-do list and the chances of me getting to all of it in the next month is slim.

I also have some hobby stuff on the list. Some 3D printing comparison ideas. One or two painting ideas I want to try and/or discuss. Maybe a couple of others if things line up well.

It’s also a bit of a blaugust tradition for me to do a content creator and/or podcast highlight post where I discuss what I watch/listen to regularly and why. This is normally done all in one post, but I may split it up this year. My YouTube list, while not representing a lot of time on a week to week basis, is somewhat larger this year. My podcast list tends to stay about the same size, but feel like I might have more to say about some of them. A may also include a post about which Patreons I support and why.

Then there are one or two mental health topics I’m on the fence about. While I feel that the main stigmas associated with mental health problems have lessened some over the year, it’s hard to shake the fear of persecution attached to the less well known ones. Such things are widely misrepresented in popular culture and the internet as a whole is hardly a safe space to discuss them. Gonna write that down,that’s a decent topic in its own right.

That should be plenty to at least get me started. Just gotta keep that list going as new things come up. Maybe put some tips in that first week, though I hardly consider myself a valuable resource on blogging.

Either way, something has come up that requires my attention in the near future. Y’all take care.

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Hey, it’s Blaugust time! The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

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