New World – Laptop Shenanigans

I should probably lead with the fact that my current laptop is a fairly decent one. It’s a used 2017 14″ Razer that I picked up on ebay. It has quirks, sure, but I needed something with a bit more punch to do the model manipulation and set up for my 3D printers. The old one just didn’t have enough memory or GPU strength to keep up. The Razer on the other hand is pretty potent, and even packs a GTX 1060. I haven’t done any gaming on it before now, but it held up remarkably well. Much better than I expected.

When I first went to launch New World, I didn’t give it a lot of thought. I didn’t even bother to plug the laptop in right away because I figured I had menus and stuff to get through. It lasted about five minutes, which is mildly amusing. I was a little concerned at first that it may have overheated. Running the game, even in the menus, is enough to kick the fans on like I’m trying to start a jet engine. Runs about the same temperature too.

Fortunately it was just the battery being sucked dry. A mild problem but one I’m accustomed to. When the laptop runs low on power it tries to hibernate. Once it does, it appears to be off and will not restart again. I have to hold the power button for 10-15 seconds then disconnect the power while still holding the button. This appears to get it into the “off” state properly.

I did manage to create a character and run through the tutorial. Took about 30 minutes in all. The tutorial itself was much shorter than I recall, but it’s been a couple of years.

Options in character creation seemed okay. Not great, but not bad either. I did notice one thing that was quite thoughtful of them, though. Things like facial hair were available even for the female models. An easily overlooked bit of inclusivity that I hadn’t expected. I never saw any sliders though. No color wheels. Just a collection of preselected options to choose from without any further customization. Either that or I complete overlooked it.

Since I didn’t bother to pull out a proper mouse, I was attempting to play using the laptop’s trackpad, an experience I would highly discourage others from trying. As you may expect, it was difficult to control the camera, the character, and actions at the same time this way. For some reason I was having a particularly difficult time with dropped inputs on my mouse clicks. Could be hardware related, I don’t know. I rarely use it and that’s what I get for being lazy.

Didn’t quite get the money shot.

The game ran remarkably well on my somewhat overpowered laptop. Enough so that when I wasn’t arguing with combat controls I tended to forget I was playing on a laptop. It was, however, hot. So hot.

Once I cleared the tutorial I just ran to the nearby marked structure and quit to desktop. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to poke around this weekend, but first some cleaning must get done.

Y’all take care. Probably avoid sailing into some mystical no man’s land from which nobody ever returns.

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