New World, New House

Well, I have received something to do. It would appear that I either did, or had Amazon decide that I did, pre-order New World. The end result being that they’ve decided I’m entitled to a closed beta key. We’ll see if we can run this thing on my laptop. I’m not exactly optimistic, but there’s a chance.

I’m also a bit unsure about New World. I was in one of the early test phases back when it was some sort of weird PvP survival box thing, and thought it had potential but wasn’t all that impressed. I know things have changed somewhat, but quite honestly I haven’t followed it. I can’t even figure out how/when/if/why I actually pre-ordered it. Might have just hit the button assuming I could always cancel it and complete forgot about it.

The bottom line is that I have no idea what exactly I’m getting into. Whatever, I’ll give it a trial by fire. Probably not until this weekend, but whatever. There’s always a chance they’ll cancel work because not enough people show up.

Right now I have two other major projects lined up, neither of which are technically gaming related. The first of which is that my wife and I have come to the conclusion that it’s time to reclaim our master bedroom and closet from the hoarder-like clutter that has currently claimed them. This isn’t exactly a minor feat, but one that paves the way for a few other projects.

The master bedroom was functionally also a craft/computer room at one point.. While most of that space is occupied by 3D printers and some painting supplies, we can also rearrange things to support a sewing area. That’s essentially the second project. It’s not something either me or my wife do often, but right now it’s a “pull it out and set up on the kitchen table” sort of situation, and we do actually sit at that table to eat. Constantly pulling it out and packing it up is a hassle, so we instead choose not to bother and would like to correct that.

Being able to actually use the closet would be a nice bonus too. I summer cleaning a thing? We’ll call it summer cleaning.

Short one today I guess. Too many other things vying for attention. Y’all take care.

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