Looking Forward – A Mid-Term Gaming Plan

I’ve felt slightly adrift with my gaming plan lately. I’ve simply moved from one thing to the next somewhat randomly. Not that there’s really anything wrong with that, but there are things in the coming year which require slightly more planning and lead-up.

The first, and farthest, is FFXIV’s Endwalker expansion. I haven’t really touched the game much in the last year. Most of our FC has stopped playing and unsubbed and I just ran out of steam arguing with end-game raid content. This means I’ll need to log in, get back into the swing of things, and get caught up by mid to late autumn.

At some point (probably) before that, the weird kinda-same-but-also-different PSO2: New Genesis will become a thing. PSO2’s endgame had gotten a bit too routine there for a while, but now that I’ve ignored it we have plenty of new stuff to poke through in the meantime.

This is actually the last update, not the next one.

The third and last thing I’m willing to put on a list right now is what I’m currently playing, No Man’s Sky. It’s supposed to have an update in the next month or so with pets or something. I’m honestly just playing because I’m enjoying poking around and it has yet to become excessively repetitive. It will, eventually, but until then it’s on the list.

That seems to be a fairly solid list for the coming year. If my PSO2 migration from MS Live to Steam is set up by this weekend, I might do some PSO2, but I’m expecting most of my weekend to be No Man’s Sky and babysitting 3D printers. Not a bad weekend, if I say so myself.

There are a few other things vaguely on my radar, but not serious contenders. I’m watching to see what becomes of Anthem and it’s alleged overhaul. Elite Dangerous is getting legs at some point, that might be interesting. A nice flavour change from No Man’s Sky, perhaps.

Y’all take care. Excelsior, or something.

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