Cyberpunk 2077: Post Hoc

First, let me say that I played on a fairly decent PC. My experience doesn’t really reflect the hot mess that console was said to be.

The bottom line is that I did, in fact, enjoy the experience enough that I bothered to finish a single playthrough. The larger quests were decently written and within the context of a single playthrough at least some of the choices felt consequential. I liked a number of the characters within the game and still wish I had done more of the side content than I did.

Combat was… acceptable… though the way the game speeds up or slows down time and/or chooses which thing near your cursor you’re trying to target was mildly frustrating at times. This was at least in part to my using a quickhack-focused build. I kinda liked the system itself, but at the end of the day it seems more like a generic stand in for magic. There are only about a dozen or so actual quickhacks to choose from, though the limited slots in the early game made for some interesting strategic choices.

Most of the RPG-style systems seem fairly generic. They were there, I participated because I had to in order to survive. There isn’t really anything wrong with it, I guess, it just didn’t seem all the inspired. Put points here for more pew pew, put points there to make it worse when you give the enemies the stink-eye. Oh, and don’t forget all those cybernetics I couldn’t use cause Body was my dump stat.

The equipment system seems similarly generic, though I rather enjoyed playing most of the game wearing an outdated rock band shirt that counts as super-armor cause I dropped a really sweet mod in it. It also includes one of the most annoying and persistent bugs I found. Any time the game force-changed clothing, it would cause no clothing to show up instead. It was particularly fond of not showing pants. There was not any way to cure this that I found, short of shutting the game down entirely.

I also ran into several situations where quests were or became bugged, requiring me to drop them or restart the game in order to complete them. These two issues combined were severe enough to be outright annoying, but infrequent enough that the game was barely tolerable.

Still, the story was just compelling enough to convince me to finish the game. Once. I then promptly uninstalled it, for now. I wouldn’t really recommend it as an experience right now, though it certainly has some potential buried in it. A few patches and maybe some DLC down the road I’m looking forward to a second playthrough with some different decisions, more side content completion, and a different playstyle. Hopefully with a little more polish as well.

Y’all take care, and watch out for the Johnny Silverhand fellow. Bernie Sanders wishes he hated the corpos that hard.

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