Once More Unto the Breach

This seems one of those instances where I should take my own advice and simply… start. Posting again, that is. Been telling myself this for the better part of two months, yet here we are.

The reality is that many of the subjects I typically discussed here are mostly on standby, and as such I was often unsure what, if anything, to write about. It’s not that there’s nothing to discuss, just not much of my standard content. I’ve only played one game in the last couple of weeks, Mindustry. It’s an odd pixelart-Satisfactory meets tower defense game. I shall endeavor to discuss it in the near future.

Outside of that, most of my time is spent tinkering with 3D printers. Not only did I end up acquiring one, but I currently have three. As a random side-habit, I have also been exploring the field of miniature painting. While fun, the uniform color of printed objects is not to my liking. I’m sure I will discuss any and all of this in due time.

In fact, the process of writing this post in and of itself is helping me form a list of topics and post ideas. Not quite like riding a bike, but it’s comfortingly familiar.

I must also re-consider my posting schedule. Before, I generally aimed for 10AM (-5GMT) as this gave me enough time to write something if I didn’t already have a post waiting. Since I work third shift now instead of first, and in a slightly different role, that seems like an odd time. In fact, I would be asleep when the post went live. I still could, I suppose, but I don’t know if I’m feeling “the schedule” right now. Perhaps one will simply emerge naturally as the 10A time did.

On the bright side, I still seem to be perfectly able to ramble on with little to no overarching point. I shall, however, ramble on somewhere else while my brain finishes processing the keystrokes and before they begin to seem like a bad idea.

Y’all take care. I intend to be back tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Once More Unto the Breach

  1. Welcome back.

    The idea of timing when a post publishes is something that literally never occured to me until I’d been blogging for about eight years. My schedule has always been “write when I feel like it, publish when it’s finished”. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I noticed posts I wrote at the weekend got less attention than ones I wrote in the week. I didn’t do anything about it, though, except very occasionally I might hold over something ’til Monday if it seems like something that might benefit from being read by more people.

    Whether it makes any difference what time of day I publish has never realy occured to me. I tend to assume it takes a good few hours for most people to get around to reading anything, anyway. A few days in many cases.

    Also, I believe you are about to become the fourth blogger I read who writes about 3D printers. If you actually find what I would consider to be a valid use for one you’ll be the first. I look forward to many posts about how various parts don’t work and have to be replaced and the things you make don’t look like they should or do what you want. Then you’ll buy another 3D printer for twice as much as you paid for the first and that will work a little bit better but you’ll run out of ideas for things to print with it and we’ll hear no more about it.

    I’m waiting for the first of a series of posts on how to sell an unused 3D printer. Can’t be long now.

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    1. Is that… normal? I would largely consider myself as learning the limitations of the equipment while chasing down my wife’s many requests. From decorative corbels to sonic screwdriver parts, she seems to find no lack of requests for it.

      Still, point taken.


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