Promptapalooza – How did you get your online nickname?

Today’s prompt is “How did you get the name that you regularly go by online, and what if anything does it mean?” presented by Magiwastaken of Indietale.

SDWeasel is a curious inside joke that I chose to embrace. First and foremost, SD are my initials. They were included because such a simple noun as Weasel would not be easy to grab as a consistent screen name. I don’t really recall what the first service I used it for was.

The Weasel portion is a work story. At the time, I worked with 6 or 7 other people. As tends to be the case in manufacturing, one of us had the task of releasing a part from a rack into the hands of whoever had it, who walked a couple meters and hung it on a different rack going somewhere else. We walked in a circle doing this all day. Needless to say, this gets old.

Our primary forms of entertainment were talking to each other and engaging in much frowned-upon horseplay. After perhaps one too many instances of this, I was offered a choice of nickname: Weasel or Stumble-ina.

I’ve never been super clear on what inspired it, though the last one is probably the more obvious. I am not the most sure-footed individual, though I tend to recover fairly well. As for weasel, I never really asked. Maybe I smelled funny, maybe I was too mischievous, maybe both. Regardless, I made what seemed like an obvious choice and decided I liked it enough to continue using it.

Outside of a few odd references, such as Weird Al’s song Weasel Stomping Day, it was rarely brought up. If referred to by nickname I was more typically called (the) Pagan. Certainly an accurate assessment at the time.

That’s all there really is to it. No epic backstory or anything, just a random short-lived joke that’s persisted in username only.

Y’all take care, or else.

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