Promptapalooza – Hobbies Outside of My Specific Niche

Today’s prompt is brought to us by Ace Asunder: Tell us about some of your hobbies outside of the realm of your specific niche.

I possess a similar problem to Ace, in that my niche is a bit vague at times. I do like to talk about games and MMOs, which I’ve done little of lately, and economics. I’ve spent a lot more time expressing personal thoughts outside that realm with all the prompts.

I shall start by saying that I find the idea that I have time for additional slightly amusing. Because of the shift in how I’m taking classes, there are days where I must pay a price for my hubris. A price typically paid in lack of sleep.

My schedule is a bit too complicated to present in an easy to follow format, but Tues-Thurs my sleep is broken into small blocks an hour or two at a time, with Wed being by far the worst. Yesterday I got about an hour nap on campus, a couple hours between class and picking the kids up, and another couple of hours after doing so at the expense of gaming time.

The result being that I find myself in a position where I have to ask myself if I should really be playing games or working on other things instead of being asleep. Do I really want to go to work on three hours of sleep and be miserable the entire time?

Of course, this is what I signed up for. It is more an observation and explanation than a complaint. Many things like these blogs posts, homework, and studying, actually happen on the slower days at work.

Still, I continue to dabble in a few other things I don’t talk about on the blog. I’ve been entertaining the idea of picking up a 3D resin printer. No real good reason, just figured it would be an interesting thing to play with and the smaller entry level units are reaching a price I might be willing to pay. I really like the quality of items I’ve seen with resin printers compared to the filament printers.

Now, considering what I wrote yesterday about not really sticking with most hobbies, I’d say that the chances are slim of it really going anywhere. Combined with a schedule that’s keeping me from even gaming many days, I’m not even sure there’s time to engage in such a thing and at this point the money may be better spent paying someone to mow my yard.

Either way, that’s where I find myself at the moment. Giving up time to do the hobbies already in my niche in order to advance my educational goals. A curious combination of scarcity and ration self-interest in action.

Y’all take care, and make sure you get enough sleep. I do not necessarily recommend the Nietzschian “that which does not kill me” approach.

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