Promptapalooza – Do you finish games/hobbies/projects?

I believe the full prompt, as introduced by Nogamara from Battle Stance, is: Do you “finish” games/hobbies/projects and move on or do you come back to the same things again and again?

Spoiler, no, I don’t tend to finish games or projects when left to my own devices.

The root problem is that I like to dabble and tinker, then inevitably bite off more than I can chew. I enjoy poking around the edges of things, learning new systems, looking under the hood, and maybe working out a solution to a few basic problems. As with any form of entertainment, I don’t typically enjoy it once it becomes work. In this case, work is often a form of time investment. Particularly if the time spent doesn’t feel like it has any forward momentum. Lack of money or equipment can cause this as well. If I am unable to acquire some critical piece of gear, I will wait for an opportunity to do so while doing research. The end result being either burnout or realization that it’s currently beyond my means.

This had led to a somewhat cyclical pattern for some hobbies and games, and simply abandonment of others. Games tend to be cyclical, where physical hobbies are typically abandoned. It’s not all bad, I know how to knit and crochet, for example, and respect anyone with the patience to finish a large and/or complicated project. A few other things that are in various stages of “never got off the ground” are blacksmithing, metal casting, and archery. I have given the equipment for the first and last to others as time has gone on. I technically still have my torches, crucible, and all that, but it’s neither together nor easily locatable.

“Gaming” is perhaps the most consistent of my hobbies, and even that has gone through a few dry spells over the years. I don’t tend hold onto any one game over the long term, though. I rotate through playing whatever seems interesting at the moment. There’s a lot of solo or two-player experimentation with MMOs, a little tinkering with the odd and generally unfinished single-player RPG, and an increasing amount of co-op building/survival. Minecraft, Terraria, and Starbound, typically modded, feature regularly. Some other recent titles I’ve added are things like Satisfactory, a co-op logistics simulator?

For the most part, I would categorize myself as falling well into the “come back to the same things repeatedly” category. I have arguably finished the base game experience in some cases, but how exactly does one finish an MMO or the nearly infinite pool of mod-based content? I suppose it depends on how one defines finished, and that is a personal choice that cannot be made for us.

So I have decided that I’m finished with this post. I have some homework for my Calc II class I need to be doing anyway.

Y’all take care, and remember that when we walk away from a project, we are always at least temporarily finished with it.

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