Promptapalooza – Creative Space

Shoutout to Krikket at Nerdy Girl Thoughts for tackling the prompt “Tell us about your physical creative space” in spite of the emotional distress it created. Takes a lot of effort to confront our demons, especially when they’re accidentally thrust upon us.

I do not typically think of myself as having a physical creative space. My creative space is simply the time and environment where the opportunity is. For blogging it’s more of a mindset, a mental space. I sit down and record my thoughts at the moment. Sometimes this take a few minutes, sometimes it takes hours, just depends on how strong an opinion I have and how much I feel like beating the reader with it.

For example, this is the environment right this minute. The break area in the relatively quiet hours at the start of shift. Before machinery has had a chance to break or behave strangely.

It is not without its downsides, however. First and foremost is that work must still take priority. If a call comes in I must stop immediately, mid-sentence if necessary, and go deal with that. Many cases where I end a post not sure if I had a point or not is something to this effect. If I walk away mid-thought the whole post seems almost alien, as though someone else wrote it when I wasn’t looking. I often find this sort of discontinuity difficult to recover from.

I have also found that dark and empty computer labs at the school are also good substitutes, but those are difficult to find in the timeframe I’m on campus now.

Time is also a strange part of my “creative space.” I have tended to select an approximate block of time to begin a post. If it does not at least get started during that time period, it tends not to happen at all. Probably the impact of me resorting to routine as a coping mechanism.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is my day to do the prompt, so I should probably go work on that now. Y’all take care.

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