Promptapalooza – The Organization Process

Today’s prompt, as introduced by Paeroka on Nerdy Bookahs, is “What’s your process when creating a blog post?

I’m going to deviate a bit from this, and instead focus more on my approach to any seemingly complicated task that I have difficulty holding all at once. From EVE-related planning, to college schedules, to research, there is but one multi-tool I resort to: the infamous spreadsheet. My actual process is best described as one step at a time. Trying to break things down into small manageable tasks.

As a quick aside, I never really understood spreadsheets when I was younger. Having grown up using exclusively document editors, I underestimated why you would want a “grid-based” document. It was only when I became familiar with them at work that I began to think “Oh, I could just put this all in a spreadsheet!”

Today’s project is crafting in Star Wars Galaxies Legends. I’ve been playing for a bit now, and reached a point where I’m juggling too many crafting professions to easily keep track of what I need and what I’m missing. In fact, I’m starting with a small spreadsheet I created a few weeks ago to sort out harvester math and decide what I wanted to use and what the resource pricing needed to be.

I also needed a block to remind me which resources I would need to build starship chassis and ballpark an absolute minimum price for “literally give me anything.”

So, the problem before us is that I have two other crafters of my own, plus my brother is running a couple, so I need to spread out and create a detailed quick-reference for myself. I need to do an inventory as well, but I’d have to be at home for that.

My first step is to divide my tasks and my space. In this case establishing an “area” for each crafter. That is, profession-specific tabs or sheets. This gives me a way to keep each section contained as I work on them. Otherwise I’ll feel like I’m constantly working around myself or scrolling from top to bottom. At this point I can probably copy my chassis block over and call shipwright done, for now.

Let’s be real, this change is happening because Armorsmith is…. intense. It’s a nightmare of tiers and subcomponents that have interchangeable subcomponents. So I’m going to start at the bottom, the sub-est of components, the armor layer.

I started by copying the stat block from the wiki page and started adding columns to the right by looking up each schematic. It took a while, and a couple of different tries to make it this compact. At some point in the future I’ll sit down and do the same thing for armor segments, which have their own materials plus some number of these layers (0-12) depending on what you’re making and what you’re after.

These segments are used, one or more factory identical units, to make the final armor core, which is used to craft the final armor. Sometimes also in identical multiples. One task at a time, though, I cannot even make armor layers, at the moment, as some of these resources aren’t currently available. Plexite crystal and chromite carbonate ore, for example.

So maybe that offers a little insight into my problem solving or organization process. The main thing is to remember the larger goal but not to focus on it too much. It’s more of a “does this small step somehow further goal X?” sort of approach.

Y’all take care. I’ve got to go clear my head for a bit after all that.

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