Promptapalooza – Your skill at Math has increased! (i )

Today’s prompt was introduced by Stingite over at The Friendly Necromancer: What skill do you want to improve the most?

My true answer is always “yes,” but if I had to pick just one at the moment, I would say research design and documentation would be a good one. This is less about research itself and more about the technical math and writing skills involved.

There are many subtle ways in which we misinterpret or perceive the truth poorly. I am no exception. However, I have long felt that the best way to get good at something is to simply do it. We attribute much to talent and overlook the many hidden time sinks that the talented have invested.

Well before I chose to start a blog, I made a bet with myself of sorts. I wished to demonstrate this belief to myself. To either confirm or deny it. So I acquired a book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, from the local library. I said to myself, if I am correct, then I should be able to demonstrate an improvement in my ability to draw. One of those tasks that I, like others, had largely considered the domain of the talented.

One of many incomplete sketches I have laying around as “evidence.”

I typically consider it having been a success. Of course, it was never my intention to be “good” at art or drawing, merely to prove to myself that it was to some extent a learn-able skill. That innate ability and learned skill were, to some degree, interchangeable.

In many ways, many things such as this blog and my degree-work are very similar experiments. If I could do that thing, through application of effort, then I should be able to do this new thing too, yes?

The purpose of starting the blog was to refine my ability to communicate the unspoken ideas and thoughts in my head. Taking classes is part escaping the manufacturing sector and part improving my math and research ability in a documented and marketable way.

Maybe I should consider spending some time working on my “having some kind of point” skill.

Y’all take care.

One thought on “Promptapalooza – Your skill at Math has increased! (i )

  1. I agree. To me talent is like a level cap and maybe a headstart. That means people with talent will have a higher level cap for a skill than people with less talent.

    But ultimately none of it matters if people don’t practice that skill. There is a quote from a famous pianist that goes more or less like this “If I don’t practice for 3 days the audience will notice it. If I don’t practice for 2 days the critics will notice it. If I don’t practice for 1 day I will notice it.”

    That quote pretty much sums up how practice is important regardless if you have talent or not.

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