Promptapalooza – Favorite Quote(s)

The timing of this prompt seems quite… synchronistic… but we’ll get to that. Favorite quote is the daily prompt for the Blaugust Promtapalooza, as covered by Wilhelm of The Ancient Gaming Noob.

So, both the beauty and problem with addressing my “favorite quote” is that it’s such a mutable thing. There are a great many quotes in this world that I have taken a liking too, for various reasons. I’m not really a big fan of the idea of a single favorite above all others. It’s too… absolute.

However, at any given time there may be one that stands out at that moment. Not the greatest among all quotes, per se, but the one currently swimming around in my thoughts.

The current one is from the webcomic Digger, by Ursula Vernon. Here is the first, if you’re so inclined, but be warned that it contains some relatively dark and heavy material at times. Among those topics is the nature of “evil.”

The sort of moral relativity derived from the phrase “Evil is having reason, always,” feels very comfortable to me, as a concept. Though I feel it’s a bit of a given. People rarely do anything for “no reason.”

It is mirrored by a comment toward the end, “there really aren’t that many evil men out there. It’s mostly just good men working at cross-purposes.”

Of course, it seems almost obligatory for me to believe this. If I hold true that all individuals are inherently human and deserve to be given the respect due to them, even though we may find ourselves at odds, it seems to assume that generally “it’s mostly just good [people] working at cross-purposes.”

Either way, those are the quotes on my mind at the moment. Y’all take care, and be awesome to each other.

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