Reading and Gaming – Forced Balance

I have found myself on the receiving end of some tendinitis of the arm as of late. Whether we regard that as a positive or negative thing seems a bit subjective, however the culprit was likely too much time spent playing PSO2.

The silver lining is that it has forced me to limit the amount of time I was investing in gaming. The very constant and rapid clicking required to keep up in the Ultimate Quests has been especially painful after only an hour or so. I chose to balance this by reading books sitting in what I have affectionately began calling “the tinderbox.” So called because I told my coworker about this pile of mostly econ and investing books while discussing one of them. He told me that “having that much dry material in one place was a fire hazard.”

I have greatly enjoyed the change of pace, though in some cases it seems to have created a rather strong mental bias toward discussing it as I work my way through the details. I have also began to draw my wife’s attention, as she asked me the other day just how many books I intended to order. I didn’t exactly have an answer, though I believe I’m largely settled for now. If nothing else, it is some much-needed balance.

In fact, the real problem has become which book to read. I do have an immediate goal, I think, though it didn’t become apparent until recently.

Just based on my reaction to Friedman’s work, I felt that maybe Hard Heads, Soft Hearts was a good next choice. Other things in the tinderbox, in no particular order:

It’s actually quite the deviation from reading roots of Fantasy/Sci-Fi. And wow is that more books than I thought it was. Maybe I should chill out for a while. Though it’s hard to compare one book to another in terms of reading time, even at two weeks each that’s around 34 weeks worth of reading consistently.

As always, I’m sure I’ll be discussing most of these in turn. They will require a considerable degree of internal debate, and that has a habit of ending up in blog posts.

Y’all take care, and maybe keep an eye on that book pile. Probably shouldn’t let it get quite as big as this one.

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