Terraria: Calamity – Hardermode


Well, we managed to get past the Wall of Flesh, with great difficulty. The increase in difficulty from Calamity’s death mode is becoming more and more apparent. In particular, collision damage from bosses is just… intense. Even with my 70-80something defense, they can easily deal 140-150 damage. In fact, we have yet to beat any of the Hardmode bosses.

We did get close a couple of times with Cryogen and gave Skeletor Prime a decent run. With the Destroyer and Twins I feel that “rofl-stomped” is a good description of how quickly we went down. I may need to re-adjust some accessories too. Damage numbers are high enough that straight damage reduction % gains may be more effective than stacking armor. I know this is something I did on one of the previous runs, but I was trying to do something different this time. I feel like I’m being railroaded back into the same build just to survive.

It’s kinda sad too. The true-melee shortsword build does ridiculous amounts of damage. The downside to the “true-melee” component is there aren’t a lot of range options. My highest DPS weapon requires me to be right up on the enemies. It works very well for most random world mobs, but the bosses are so fast that it’s basically suicide except in a few particular cases.

nights stabbercrystal blade

You can get a sense of the trade-off between damage and distance here. It’s a bit biased because of my true-melee damage boosts. Those sparkles on the larger sword extend a decent way and strip it of its “true melee” status.

legendary nights stabber
That little purple shortsword.

I’m sure we’ll figure it out. I remember getting stuck at this point last time too. Once we get the number of a boss or two we’ll hit a large boost of gear power that will pull the others closer to completion. Any one of the mechanical bosses and I can create the Ark of the Ancients and the True Night’s Stabber. That would increase my damage pretty extensively.

Not that it would really help the problem. I’m a melee glass cannon, how dumb is that?

Y’all take care, maybe don’t try to poke an exposed live wire with a sewing needle.

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