A Small Dose of Humor

Right, so I just watched these and my day isn’t cooperating, so I’m linking some videos and stuff I found amusing enough to make me quite literally laugh out loud. I’m not super familiar with these gentlemen, but their “Front Fell Off” video is practically a classic:

My coworker and I quote this one to each other regularly. It originally aired in 1991. You can tell ’cause of how it is.

Now, I was randomly puttering around watching a few of the videos when I realized they had a playlist related to the 2008 financial crisis. They had some absolutely beautiful videos that are amusing to a self-identified economist.

Now, there’s a lot of this quantitative easing business going around at the moment. In the most general sense, I’d say he’s not even wrong. I would explain it, but I’m not sure that it contributes.

Watching the Federal Reserve “make statements” is actually somewhat interesting because he’s on the money, as it were. Of course, the Fed has to actually do the things in those statements or they would be irrelevant. It’s actually quite fun to see which statements provoke a response and which don’t, but I’m easily entertained, I think.

This one actually hits on the aspect that first confused me, the fact that most currency doesn’t exist in the traditional sense. I was trying to compare an MMO economy where “currency” is effectively infinite and is quite literally created by a printer facing a window, to a traditional economy where money is “controlled.” That was… a can of worms. Real money is limited, but it is not “printed” in the traditional sense.

One question somewhere, maybe not in these videos, I’ve watched too many at this point, was about managing investment risk. He responded by pointing out that they had a dartboard in the foyer. All things considered, that’s probably not a bad strategy.

That’s enough today for today. I hope everyone got some entertainment out of this.

Y’all take care, and keep on eye on those fronts. It’s no good when they fall off.

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