Something New – Borderlands 3


Now that the game is finally available on Steam, my brother was willing to give it a go. We’ve given every title so far at least one good run in co-op. To be honest, there isn’t a lot to say at this point. If you like the Borderland franchise, you’ll probably like this one, because it’s basically more of the same thing with a little more polish and content. That said, I even liked Pre-Sequel, so I’m weird I guess.

quick refill

One of the first things I noticed is that there are a lot of small changes like the quick ammo restock and quick heal. It wasn’t a huge pain before, but I thought it was a really smart change. This extends to other consoles too, like the vehicle summon console, where you can quick-summon your last used vehicle.


They added a fair amount of customization and content to the vehicle system as well. You have to find abandoned vehicles on the map and return them to a catch-a-ride to unlock new parts. Once unlocked you can mix and match the parts for the chassis type as you see fit. I think it’s a solid update to the old system.

There are a number of collectibles present in the game. The usual audio logs scattered around, radio towers to disable, dead claptraps to salvage so Claptrap and build himself a companion, that sort of thing.

3d map

I also found the new 3d map to be quite useful. It really helps navigate some of the more maze-like areas. However, the new fast travel system is absolutely awful. It has a very strange flow to it that continues to annoy me 20ish hours in. In fact, the controls for a lot of menus and submenus are equally strange, and some features like weapon skins are quite buried.

weapon skin

The customization itself is a nice touch, though at times you change weapons so infrequently that it’s pointless to do it. Other times you find yourself using a particular weapon for 10-15 level because it’s just that dang good. That’s Borderlands for you.

crazy earlEridium isn’t used for the ammo upgrades anymore, but cosmetics instead. This is actually pretty fair and a nice way to include a purchased cosmetic system that doesn’t use real money or lootboxes, for once. Unfortunately, I don’t like most of what’s available. I think I’ve only bought a few trinkets and most of the room decorations so far.

All things considered, I like the title. I don’t know that I’m going to do a second playthrough, though. The story itself is fairly predictable so far and the loot system is fairly strange. The old system metered the rate at which the higher rarities appeared, but this time around legendaries are a dime a dozen and often less useful or valuable than the lower rarities. I come back if they release a DLC that looks particularly interesting, but only time will tell.

torgue brand


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