I’m not dead, I promise. Neither have I forgotten my blog, blogging, or Blaugust.

So, I may have slightly underestimated the workload I was signing up for. I did get the research project completed. I actually presented it last night, and it seemed fairly well received. Honestly, I’m not used to the idea of people taking interest in my weird side projects.

The good news is that my economics professor has expressed interested in working with me to turn my project into a publishable paper. That was an interesting and unexpected development.

I will, however, try to get back into a routine of making regular posts now that things are leveling out a little bit. Even still, I recently learned that my course schedule was more than full-time, and in order to synchronize myself with the intended schedule, I’ll be doing the same again for the Spring semester.

With any luck, I’ll see everyone around. Y’all take care.

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