Research Projects and Data Sets

So I mentioned a week or so ago that I had gathered some data under a specific assumption, a sort of psuedo-hypothesis, and was confused about why it didn’t look the way I expected. Well, y’know, that’s because my assumption was wrong. That’s fine, live and learn.

I’ve had a nice little conversation with one of the professors in the process of sorting all this out. I take science somewhat seriously and the error I made is mildly embarrassing and serves to demonstrate just how easy it is to fall into little subtle traps in this sort of thing.

Let me back up, though.

I took most of a day off work the other day to speak to a different professor regarding their “research symposium” and how I might participate in it. There are a number of reasons why that didn’t work out, but it didn’t. Among them was a difference in academic disciplines. He was a finance professor and my topic/interest was more of an economic one. I wasn’t thrilled, but I set it aside and returned to the aforementioned project and figured it would sort out in the end.

In the resulting return to my data, I ended up emailing the professor from my Microeconomics class to ask how to do what I was doing, because it didn’t match up with expectations. His response is what prompted my previous post, and that’s the conversation I was referring to at the beginning.

Of course, there were some aspects of my prior data that were… less than ideal. If I’m really serious about this, though, then I can fix that by gathering the data myself, manually. I’m prepared to do that, and it’s a contributing factor in my last post about having time to write.

What I did not expect was for him to ask if I was interested in participating in the research symposium, and an offer to sponsor/advise me. I had set that thought to the side as something to consider in the future. I don’t think it’s especially visible in the text of this post, but I’m positively over the moon. I’m attempting to exercise restraint the best way I know how, by acting like I’m not. Set that energy and drive aside right now, and come back to it later when I need it. Otherwise, it will consume me.

Now, I did respond. I mean, of course. It’s an opportunity I look forward to with great enthusiasm. If it is possible to do so, I will share it here when it comes to fruition.

I must away, however, and get some other things done. Y’all take care, keep doing what you do. Excelsior or something.

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