Something New – Rebel Galaxy Outlaw


So I went ahead and picked up a copy of this, because I was fairly fond of the original. They’re different in some ways and not others, but I figured I’d take the time to talk about it.

The previous game, simply Rebel Galaxy, was a strange title. It had a decided naval sort of playstyle, with space as a plane (for frigates like yours) and combat that revolved around broadsides cannons. It was heavily thematic, with a particular soundtrack and flavor that worked fairly well together.


First, instead of a frigate in third person, you have first-person control of a fighter-size ship instead. The frigates still exist as NPC ships, and they can be dropped with a fighter, but they have turrets. So many turrets…


Each ship has a different cockpit style and layout, though I haven’t save up enough money to buy a new ship yet. I’m still using the surprisingly versatile “dumptruck” called the Platypus, though I’ve been focusing mostly on story and/or ca rgo missions and avoiding combat where possible. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a group of more than two.

The content seems fairly story-driven. You don’t get to create a character, but play as a specific set individual who was present in the events of the previous game, though this one is technically a prequel, I guess? I honestly haven’t got that far, as I really wanted a better ship and get easily distracted.


By things like this guy. I was on my way to a quest destination and got attacked by some religious nutjobs at the jumpgate. I needed repairs really bad, and there was only one station in the system, suspiciously showing a population of 1. It ended up being this robotic butler/janitor/real estate agent wanting to sell me an empty station. I also couldn’t repair there but did come back later and use my ship savings to buy the station, which is it’s own serious of quests.

vista time.png

They tend to be somewhat time-gated. You’ll do a particular step then have to wait a while for him to call you and give you a prompt to return or check up on what you were doing. It tends to have pretty potent combat components to it, so I really need to do that ship upgrade. On the bright side, things tend to be a little bit less expensive and have a slightly wider selection of items. I’m kinda hoping this particular call will be a shipyard.

Overall I’d say I quite like it. There’s a lot I can’t go over all that well, like the different radio stations now available instead of the more limited soundtrack of the original. They did a good job of carrying over the particular flavor of the previous game while changing the playstyle and implementing some fan suggestions as well.

You can find a wide variety of videos from the developer on the Epic Games Store, where the game is. If you don’t like EGS, you can always check out the original on Steam.

Take care, space cowboys.

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