Epic Games Store – A Few Thoughts

So, it’s certainly no particular secret that I’m somewhere in the neutral to mildly positive territory regarding Epic Games, though I really need to check out Galaxy 2.0 also.

This is probably based on my general tendency to prefer the underdog, though I’ve long believed that Valve needed some form of competition. Still, Steam has been around so long that the list of QoL features it’s acquired is quite long compared to a relatively recent product like EGS.

This became readily apparent to me today. Longer-term readers may recall my hard-drive issues a while back. Well, I limped it along, but its seek error rate is steadily climbing. I figured I would go ahead and bite the bullet on changing the install location of EGS before it failed entirely.

I was initially going to criticize EGS for the absurdity that followed, but it appears to be more of a Windows issue. Because the drive is so flighty and changed letter designations, Windows refuses to uninstall anything that was on it. Likewise, if I try and re-install software that was currently installed on that drive, it simply fails saying that the install location doesn’t exist.

The end result being ctrl-F-ing my way through the registry editor deleting any reference I can find to the EGS. Rather agitating state of affairs if you ask me, but it wasn’t EG fault, I suppose.

Another thing I’ve eventually discovered is the inability to throttle the EGS’s download speed. I keep Steam pretty heavily throttled so it doesn’t lock down all the bandwidth, but I couldn’t find any way to restrict EG. Would be a nice basic feature to have.

Oh well, E1S group is almost full, so I’ll go ahead and wrap this up. Y’all take care.

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3 thoughts on “Epic Games Store – A Few Thoughts

  1. EGS had such an amazing opportunity to build on a platform of ‘we’re good for developers!’. I can think of tons of Indy games that I would have loved to have purchased on a platform that I knew was giving devs a greater cut of my dollar then Steam offers. Instead EGS chose to muscle their way in buying highly anticipated game releases and forcing players into waiting for a year or buy the game on a launcher that has nothing to offer – missing even basic features seen on current launchers. It’s a tough first impression to shake.

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  2. Like you I am neutral towards the EGS right now and I do agree that Steam does need competition.

    However I also agree with saltycleric and I have yet to see the EGS do anything that will benefit the consumer. Given all this it makes it hard to defend the EGS at this point.

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    1. Yeah, I’m looking forward to poking around in GoG’s Galaxy 2.0. Their vision is closer to what I actually want in a launcher. At this point, I’m tolerating EGS as a necessary evil. Public opinion is souring quickly.

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