Derpy Data

You ever sit down and try to process some data only to realize your approach was critically flawed from the start rendering the result invalid? Yep, me neither. Totally didn’t do that.

I’ve been trying to do an analysis on some MMO market data, because I’m a curious and inquisitive creature. Since I play a lot of FFXIV, I figured “hey, I’ll just use market data from XIV, easy peasy right? Then I couldn’t figure out why the data looked all weird when I was done.

I totally overlooked the fact that XIV market listing can only be bought and sold in “lots” determined by the seller. You can’t just go to the market board and buy one piece of ore unless someone happens to be selling a lot of only one piece.

You would think, as someone who’s played the game, intentionally bought lots that are more expensive per unit because it was a small lot and the total cost was lower and intentionally sold multiple smaller lots because I felt they were more attractive, that I would have known this.

Guess it’s back to the drawing board while I think about how best to approach this problem.

Y’all have fun, don’t be a derp like me.

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