FFXIV – The Tankpocolypse

I go play a different game for two days. Two days! Somehow all the tanks in Eorzea picked that 48 hour period to call it quits.

To be fair, this isn’t a surprise, and probably not nearly as quick as it might seem. If anything, it’s more of a return to normal now that everyone got Gunbreaker out of their system and realized the healers weren’t as bad as everyone thought.

I noticed this when we queued for Eden normal as our usually Healer/DPS combo. All prior weeks this was an insta-queue, or close to it. While we sat there staring at our lack of group, it finally began to sink in. I switch to Drk to look at what I needed gear-wise, and my brother withdrew, switched to Gnb, and stealth queued while I wasn’t looking. Immediate pop, much to my chagrin. I ended up running all four as OT to his MT, and we made it work.

Of course, before all this, we’d sat in party finding trying to round up a savage group for about an hour. Never did get any tanks there either.

There are always other explanations too. Most of the “good” tanks are probably part of a static, and statics are super busy on reset day, I presume. We’re also pretty much right in the middle of a patch cycle, so it’s a bit of a content lull for everyone but the raiders. We’ve probably got a few more weeks before another major patch, I believe. It usually doesn’t drop until around the time the raid-tier weapon becomes available to the regular players. This one is seven token, so 7 weeks. For those that got a first-week clear, which isn’t me, that’ll be next Tuesday.

On the bright side, I’m sitting on a giant pile of tomestones and I already had the Drk weapon from all that Titania grinding I did, so gearing a tank isn’t an issue, I just have to run it some to knock the dust off. I wasn’t prepared to switch quite this earlier, or at all, really, I just figured I might need to at some point.

Oh well, life goes on, I suppose. It’s a nice change of pace for me, anyway. It’s always possible that this is a server or data-center specific issue as well, but I figure the reasons I listed are likely the major ones.

Y’all take care, and remember to check the party window before you randomly requeue for something.

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