No Man’s Sky Beyond – Few Quick Thoughts

Running a bit short on time, but I think we can hit some highlights.

Overall the update seems pretty good, though it’s hard for me to tell what was and wasn’t in this update specifically.

Much of it, both good and bad, revolves around The Nexus. It’s a new player hub where you can actively see a number of other people running around doing whatever and occasionally speaking in local. The new tech trees, with most of the blueprints being purchased on the nexus with nanites or data fragments look pretty decent and work well. It’s nice being able to fly into space, summon the nexus, and get what you need and go.

The downside, though, is that the game is still fairly buggy. We ended up using the “experimental” branch to try and cut down on crashes. There was a particularly prevalent crash involving the nexus itself, where it would eject you shipless into space with great regularity, forcing you to reload. Yeah, there are workarounds, but it was annoying. Switching to the more frequently updated branch has stopped it, at least for me.

I also had some save-data issues. The game completely forgot I owned a freighter at one point, costing me everything I had stored on it. Likewise it forgot I owned a base. Both of these seem connected to specific functions of the nexus, which I haven’t tried since. I eventually replaced my freighter with a different one, and finally started building a new base this evening.

We’ll go over in more detail another time though. Y’all take care, watch out for those anomalies out there. They’re quite dangerous.

4 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Beyond – Few Quick Thoughts

  1. Yeah, it’s certainly been a bit of a rough ride bug wise. Sounds like you’ve been hit harder than either friend or I though.

    Friend had his quest state irretrievably bugged and unable to progress, so had to start a new save and rejoin once caught up. Fortunately it was only a couple of hours in — and that was a learning couple of hours, so the repeat experience for catch-up was much quicker.

    When we realised what had happened though I fully expected him to quit. We’ve done it before with games that have done this to us.

    So I think it is a credit to NMS’ current state that even through this he actually did restart and we carried on.

    Not up to freighters yet though. God I hope don’t lose the inventory of one like you did! It seems we’re getting a patch every day or so at the moment though, so here’s to hoping for more rapid fixes.

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    1. Yeah, I’m avoiding the Nexus missions and teleporter for a while. It seemed to be treating me as a different player with the same name. I also recommend against helping each other with base building. It got really confused last night about which of us owned a particular base.

      Still, onwards and upwards, Traveller.

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      1. I managed to navigate through the Nexus OK yesterday after the patch, but YMMV.

        Funny you should mention the base building though — as that is precisely what we’d done to get the quests out of sync and utterly broken for my friend. It got to the point where it was asking him to connect power to the teleporter I think it was — and nothing could be done to get it to recognise completion of this.

        Incl. going elsewhere and making a completely new base.

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      2. Yeah, yesterday my brother added some doors and started setting up power while I was finishing a quest. He tried to switch the door out while I was inside and it didn’t update on my end, trapping me inside. Fortunately it was a round prefab, so we were able to build a teleporter inside to get me out.

        It automagically reverted to ownership by me after I TPed, and we decided to avoid co-op base building in the future.


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