Just a Random Update

Taking a moment to look at the schedule for the upcoming week, and it looks like Developer Appreciation Week. Last year I think I did a single post with several favorite devs in it? I’d honestly have to go back and look. It’s been a minute.

I’m not sure if I intend to do that this year. Honestly, it’s not like the list would have changed much. I’ll have to give it some thought.

In other news, it’s strange that I’m writing this while I wait on a party finder group for savage to finish forming. Basically no progress this week. Not extremely surprised. Most people only hang around for around a half-dozen pulls. Then you have to get a whole crew sorted before you start pulling again. In fact, I’m writing this between groups because it’s slow and quiet.

I spent a good bit of time working with No Man’s Sky this weekend as well. Probably do a brief update tomorrow. Got some base and freighter shenanigans, as well as some bugs to talk about.

On that note, I got some screenshots to get. Y’all take care.

BlaugustBOnlylogoIn case you haven’t heard, we’re in the middle of an event called Blaugust. The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

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