This Man’s Sky – Beyond

So, it’s “about week” and I haven’t really done much about myself, really. To that end, I’m going to talk about myself and my perspective on the historically maligned and somewhat redeemed No Man’s Sky.

Now, I always thought the game looked really awesome. I’ve spent plenty of time with things like Minecraft and Starbound, and it seems like the same kind of deal, really. Plus I have a sweet-spot for space-faring games, especially when you’re in direct control of the ship. Very very early in the process, it was stated that there would basically be little to no multiplayer. That even if it existed, you would be highly unlikely to run into another player. While that’s a major downside, it still looked like a decent game and I came to terms with it as a sort of very loose unguided “space Minecraft” sort of experience with no real story to speak of. It’s what they were selling in the “early days.”

Now, I understand the pressure they were under for multiplayer, but never understood why so many people expected it. Yeah, sure, he said it on national television, but we knew, knew, that it didn’t require PSN and/or a sub of any kind. There was no reasonable basis except his dumb words to believe multiplayer would be in it. Even with his word, people should have been skeptical. The hype train runs on hope, I guess, and didn’t have time to slow down and listen to sense.

Still, I waited until it came out and could see what it really was, out of general caution. I usually do these days. That and I’m loathe to pay full retail when patience will often net me a decent discount. I blame Valve.

I would eventually pick up a copy on GoG for around $40, and found it to be exactly what I expected it to be. It was a little rough around the edges in some ways, but it’s the experience I was expecting to have. I played it a fair amount, to the tune of 25-30 hours, which wasn’t as long as I expected, but I felt it was reasonable, especially since I assumed I’d come back to it in the future. It wasn’t a popular opinion, but the game is exactly what I expected it to be based on the original E3 reveal.

Later, when the NEXT update came out, I would end up refunding the GoG copy due to the lack of multiplayer. Shout out to the guys at GoG, they totally didn’t have to offer that refund, but they did anyway. That was extremely thoughtful of them and certainly earned them some brownie points with me. For single-player titles, anyway.

I ended up picking it up on Steam at that time, for $30 I believe. Either my brother bought his own copy, or I bought one for him. I even wrote some posts about it last Blaugust. My third post ever summed up my initial impressions and my sixth was about my multiplayer thoughts. I didn’t play it a lot, be we played enough that I was super pleased with where it was and where it was headed.

nms beyond banner

When I read through the notes for the latest Beyond update, I was ecstatic. It looks like a wonderful and beautiful update. Tech trees, industrial bases, automation, some basic logic controllers, just to mention a few. Oh, and VR too, but I can’t afford the hardware for that, so meh. I’m sure I would love it if I had a Vive, but those things are too expensive to seem practical.

(Update: After I wrote this I did poke my head in and look around for a half hour or so. The only immediately noticeable difference in the early game is the difficulty is eased. The exosuit now has more cargo capacity than the starting ship. By a lot. I’ll follow up at some point.)

So here’s what I’m thinking right now. I’ll probably only get a play once or twice a week, and I was considering chronicling what goes on once a week or every other week. Haven’t decided, it was just a passing thought. What do you think? Like it, don’t care, shove off?

It’ll basically be me, my brother, and his freighter doing industry things. If it was a proper MMO it would almost start to remind me of SWG. Just a bit.

Y’all take care. I gotta go work on a resume. Such qualifications, much experience, wow.

BlaugustBOnlylogoIn case you haven’t heard, we’re in the middle of an event called Blaugust. The goal is to simply promote and stimulate the blogging community by encouraging people of all skill levels and backgrounds to post. The official post can be found here and it’s never too late to start.

3 thoughts on “This Man’s Sky – Beyond

  1. While NMS and the team behind it have done a lot to repair the game, I cannot get behind any stance that says the consumer is at fault for the degree of hype and number of out and out lies Sean Murray told the world about what NMS was going to be at launch.

    It was more than just an overexcited comment on national TV, Multiplayer (and other things which ended up not being true) were discussed in multiple interviews and Q&As about the game.

    I’m not saying we necessarily need to hold that against the team and the game forever, I’ll no doubt be checking out this update at some point soon too. But to say ‘Haw haw, stupid consumers who believed’ isn’t really fair either.

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    1. I’m actually of the opinion that the team, especially Sean, were just as caught up in the hype as everyone else. They were essentially an indie developer and indie team that was being heavily funded. The single largest mistake was charging a AAA price for what was essentially and indie title.

      I realize I have a much more charitable interpretation than the standard narrative, and doesn’t change the fact that he should have known and never said it was something it clearly wasn’t.

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