FFXIV – Carried Away Crafting

I didn’t forget, I swear. Just like the title says, I got a little carried away working on leveling Armorsmith and Blacksmith in XIV. It’s weird, really, because it ultimately boils down to my unwillingness to pay several hundred thousand gil for glamour gear.

I’m after a very particular piece, which requires a fairly rare uncraftable ingredient. You either have to desynth a rare drop from some old treasure maps or get it from a specific submersible node. I gave up on the treasure maps and started focusing on improving the free company’s airship and submersible, but most of the people who helped us the first time through have stopped crafting.

This left me with no way to advance the create and advance the parts without leveling my own crafters, and Bsm and Arm were among the ones I hadn’t bothered with. So, many, steel, ingots. I still need more of them. It’s insane. Of course, leveling Bsm helps, because it can make the tools for both jobs, so I at least have that going for me. It’s HQ hammers, files, and pliers all the way down.

I need to get in bed though, so y’all take care.

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