Lazy Saturdays and 5Ks

I actually don’t have much lined up for today and there isn’t much to say about FFXIV other than the fact that I’ve seen E1S all the way through the add phase. Didn’t pass the DPS check, but I’ll take it.

Today was one of the stranger Saturdays where I go and wait for my wife at the finish line of a 5K. I don’t actually participate myself, but she’s been moving up from once a quarter, to once a month, to nearly once a week now. Good on her, I’m too lazy for all that. In fact, that’s why I’m posting later than normal. I actually took my school laptop with the intent to write but somebody, I can’t imagine who, did not have the foresight to charge it first. Yeah, it was me.

Among the things I’m doing is trying to figure out what other things I should play/try and write about. Not sure if I’ll be starting my Something New posts or not. At least not consistently. I’m sure I’ll do some here and there, but my previous method became very reliant upon the Epic Games Store, and I’m ready to branch out a little bit for a while. Might go back and revisit a few things I wrote about last year.

Looks like topic planning week is bleeding backward in time, or starting a little early at least.

It’s Saturday, I’ll keep it short. Y’all take care.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturdays and 5Ks

  1. Ha! This was me last week. Took my tablet to do a bit of writing while the kids did swimming lessons. It didn’t last long before it died as well. Today I’m on the phone leaving a comment while at soccer. I miss the days where my weekends were full of nothing but world of warcraft 😂

    Have a fabulous weekend.

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    1. You too! I’m about to go get our groceries for the week myself, and I’ll probably be writing as soon as I get back. I’ll get around to it or it’ll get around to me one 😛


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