Blaugust – Prep Week – Topic Planning

I remember when I started last year and one of my concerns was “how am I going to find something to write about every day?” That turned out to be less of an issue than I expected, but it’s still been an issue. I dealt with it, and still deal with it, in a variety of ways.

The first is that I don’t really have a hard and fast theme to my blog. There are certainly some disadvantages to this, but it means I can and do write about whatever I want to write about. If I see an interesting news article, an interesting post on another blog, a conversation in a chat channel, or even a random item at the store I thought was interesting, I’ll write about that. Inspiration is everywhere, I just didn’t realize it at first.

topic notes

The second is writing those things down. Go buy a 99 cent notebook and a pack of dollar pens, and write those interesting bits of your day down. I do a lot of internal monologuing, and that’s my cue to write something down. If I’m sitting there staring into space thinking about a specific thing, I can just as easily write about it in a blog post. In fact, in many ways, it helps me refine the idea better by forcing me to give it a form that someone else might understand.

Another thing is that I fill some of the gaps with a standing “column” of sorts. Something that reflects my interests and what I do or am doing at the moment. This is partially to keep whatever I’m actively doing from dominating all the other content. I’m not a FFXIV blog, per se, so I don’t want to talk about it every single day. Last year I was doing a Warframe Wednesday thing and toward the end of Blaugust ’18 I was starting what I would call my Something New Sunday posts. You should never feel like it’s something you must do. When I stopped playing Warframe, I quit writing about it.

The biggest question for me is how I deal with a lull of ideas. I personally look for something new to have a go at. Feel like you’ve said everything you have to say about your favorite game? Look for an aspect or feature that you’ve never tried before and try it. Write about your experience with it. Load up the infamous Epic Games Launcher and play whatever their free game is at the time.

Nobody possesses perfect inspiration. Sometimes it’s going to feel like you’re trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip and got lemon juice instead. Even that is a topic you can write about, one that’s going to be relatable to a lot of other bloggers. There have been plenty of times where I posted a short paragraph about running out of time or not having much to talk about if only to stay in the habit of writing something.

I dunno, I hope that helps? Y’all take care, and good luck.

2 thoughts on “Blaugust – Prep Week – Topic Planning

  1. “You should never feel like it’s something you must do.”

    Yes, that is super important when considering starting a series or feature. If it’s no longer enjoyable to you or if you’ve taken on too many regular items and it’s becoming a burden — feel free to let it go and/or replace it with something else.

    I should also really consider, as you say, grabbing a notebook for jotting ideas down. I cannot always rely on an idea hanging around with any kind of solidity until I can next be at a PC and create a draft-placeholder post for it. 😉

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    1. There are times I do good to hold onto it until I can lay hands on the notebook. It was infinitely valuable last year in helping me keep track of everything and two days in I’m glad to be back with it.

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